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The IQM-233 PCI Express card turns your PC into a thin film deposition controller. This INFICON designed and manufactured product is the ideal choice for system OEMs, or anyone wishing to incorporate a thin film deposition controller into an existing PC or PLC controlled system. Installation is simple—all you need is an unoccupied PCI Express slot. IQM-233 is available to fit in standard or small form factor PC towers.

Unparalleled Features

The IQM-233 features three QCM sensor inputs and three source outputs on each card. Up to two IQM-233 cards can be installed in a single PC (requires optional IQS-233 software), giving you a maximum of six sensor inputs and six source outputs. Only INFICON offers this level of flexibility in a fully integrated PC controlled QCM controller.

IQM-233 is compatible with INFICON oscillator IPN 782-900-010, so replacing an SQM-242 card does not require a new oscillator. It is also compatible with all INFICON single and dual sensor heads.

Choose The Software Solution Right For You

IQM-233 includes basic Windows® software for setup and control of simple sequential or codeposition processes with one IQM-233 card. The optional IQS-233 Codeposition Windows® software allows for more complex process setup, including multi-layer codeposition, graphing, and PLC integration with event selectable relay/input functions. IQS-233 software allows for use of up to two IQM-233 cards.

As an alternative for customers wanting to write their own software, the IQM-233 includes a LabVIEW™ sample program to provide basic functionality and demonstrate programming techniques.


  • PCI Express
  • Three sensor inputs, three control outputs
  • Install multiple cards in a PC
  • Codeposition of multiple sources
  • Easy PLC integration to add I/O capabilities
  • Easy to use
  • Value price


PC InterfacePCIe x1 - PCE Express Slot
(Std or SFF)
Sensor Inputs3
Measurement frequency rangeAdjustable: 
4.0 MHz minimum,
6.1 MHz maximum
Thickness and rate resolution/measurement (1)±0.12 Å
Source Outputs3
(1)Tooling/density = 100/1, fundamental frequency = 6 MHz, 0.25 s measurement interval

Part Number

Part NumberDescription
782-IQM-233-G1IQM-233 QCM controller card for standard PCI Express slot
782-IQM-233-G2IQM-233 QCM controller card for Small Form Factor (SFF) PCI Express slot
782-IQS-233IQS-233 Codeposition software


Replacement Parts
Part NumberDescription
783-500-109-103 m (10 ft.) Oscillator Kit - includes OSC-100 oscillator, 15.2 cm (6 in.) BNC cable, and 3 m (10 ft.) BNC cable
783-500-109-257.6 m (25 ft.) Oscillator Kit - includes OSC-100 oscillator, 15.2 cm (6 in.) BNC cable, and 7.6 m (25 ft.) BNC cable
783-500-109-5015.2 m (50 ft.) Oscillator Kit - includes OSC-100 oscillator, 15.2 cm (6 in.) BNC cable, and 15.2 m (50 ft.) BNC cable
783-500-109-7522.8 m (75 ft.) Oscillator Kit - includes OSC-100 oscillator, 15.2 cm (6 in.) BNC cable, and 22.8 m (75 ft.) BNC cable
Oscillator Only(No cables included)
783-500-013-G1OSC-100 oscillator only (no cables)
600-1441-P1SMA to BNC adapter for IQM-233 sensor inputs
782-902-01115.2 cm (6 in.) BNC cable, male/female
782-902-012-103 m (10 ft.) BNC cable, male/male
782-902-012-257.6 m (25 ft.) BNC cable, male/male
782-902-012-5015.2 m (50 ft.) BNC cable, male/male
782-902-012-7522.8 m (75 ft.) BNC cable, male/male
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