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Traditional oil and gas production has seen an increase in demand over the last several decades and is being propelled by population growth, urbanization, and the consumer middle class in developing countries. Technological advances have reduced exploration and processing costs, thereby capping energy prices and solidifying fossil fuel as the primary source of energy.

In addition, there is a growing interest in alternate energy, a broad category composed of various sources of non-fossil based fuels including: hydrogen, syngas, biomass, and biomethane. Of particular interest are renewable or sustainable fuels able to provide clean, efficient, and economical alternatives to traditional oil, gas, and coal.

Using a gas analyzer for component monitoring and compositional analysis ensures that energy is produced in a safe and economical manner. The highly configurable Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer meets gas analysis needs for a wide variety of energy applications including: natural gas, refinery gas, catalyst research, biomethane, biomass, and syngas.

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Finding Gas Leaks in Urban Gas Distribution Networks

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