Approved leak detection solutions meeting the high-quality requirements of the packaging industry.


Did you know that almost one third of all food packaging is prone to leaks? These leaks can occur in the sealing seam or even within the packaging material itself. Such issues demand an innovative approach to swiftly and reliably detect even the tiniest leaks.

Introducing our Contura® S400 Leak Detector, engineered to tackle packaging integrity challenges head-on. 

Our proven leak detection technology ensures that leaks are identified at their earliest stages, preventing contents from falling short of their designated shelf life or succumbing to premature spoilage.
By using the INFICON leak detection solutions, you can minimize the amount of returned goods and be sure that your customers are satisfied.

Enhanced Leak Detector for Swift Leak Identification

INFICON has extensive experience in leak testing and has leveraged this expertise to cater to the specific needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries. The revolutionary Contura S400 Seal Tester offers unparalleled proficiency in assessing packaging integrity. Its distinctive operational principle eliminates the need for test gases and ensures the preservation of the packaging being tested, avoiding any potential damage.

Application Areas

The coffee industry relies on maintaining product quality, sustainability, and profitability. One critical aspect that shouldn't be neglected in the production process is leak detection. Detecting and fixing leaks promptly and reliably in storage tanks, transport containers, and processing equipment is vital to preserving coffee quality and customer satisfaction. Leak detection also minimizes environmental impact by reducing waste, promoting eco-conscious practices, and mitigating financial losses. By establishing dependable leak detection, the coffee industry can optimize operations and move towards a sustainable and thriving future.

Ham plate

In the dynamic world of the meat industry, ensuring product quality is paramount. A very important aspect of the meat packaging process is leak detection. Whether it's processing facilities, packaging lines, or storage units, leaks can pose significant risks to both product integrity and consumer safety. Our leak detectors help you to maintain the highest standards.


In the demanding cheese production, ensuring the highest quality of products is not just a priority but an absolute necessity. One crucial aspect that manufacturers and producers can't afford to neglect is the detection of leaks in packaging. Leaks, even the tiniest ones, can lead to severe consequences, compromising product freshness, safety, and overall brand reputation. 

Baby food - powdered milk
Baby Food

Ensuring the highest quality and safety standards in the baby food industry is of utmost importance. Parents and caregivers want only the best for the little ones, and that starts with the food they consume. One crucial aspect of maintaining quality is detecting and preventing leaks in the packaging and production processes.

Pharma / Medical

In the pharmaceutical and medical industry it is essential to ensure product safety and quality. Any compromise in this regard can have serious consequences on patients' health and the reputation of the companies involved. That is why leak detection plays a decisive role in maintaining these high standards.

Leaks can occur in various stages of the production and packaging process, representing a significant challenge for manufacturers. They can lead to contamination, spoilage, and even compromise the efficacy of life-saving medications and medical devices. Detecting leaks early on is vital to prevent potential hazards and ensure the delivery of safe and effective products to patients.

Bakery / Snacks

Detecting leaks in packaging is vital in the bakery and snacks industry. It does not only ensure product freshness, extend shelf life and maintain food safety but also upholds regulatory compliance and builds customer trust. On the other hand, proper and reliable leak detection reduces waste, saves costs, safeguards brand reputation, and optimizes production efficiency. 

Effective leak detection also prevents quality problems, contamination, spoilage, and food waste. Furthermore it ensures compliance with regulations and boosts customer confidence in your brand.

Our commitment

  • Rapid and reliable leak testing of capsules, food and Pharma packaging
  • Reduction in rates of complaint and processing costs
  • Reputation protection through consistent durable goods and defect-free packaging
  • INFICON experts that support you in optimizing your quality management regarding leak testing
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Coffee Sector Booklet

When it comes to coffee, even a tiny leak will lead to oxidation and a crucial loss of aroma and product quality. This booklet explains the importance of establishing a reliable quality management process with systematic non-destructive leak detection.


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This free E-book is an informative guide to leak testing of Food and Pharma Packaging.


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Maximize shelf life and prevent food waste

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