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Gemini™ MxG5xx
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Easy Rate Single Sensors are designed and manufactured to provide a cost effective solution to high-accuracy thickness monitoring for short optical and batch coating processes. 

This sensor minimizes production cost with the lowest initial investment and total cost of ownership. It is also designed to maximize availability through a long-lasting sensor that has less maintenance.
Easy Rate Single Sensors are available in standard and right angle orientations, and they can be configured to include a feedthrough with or without bored-through tube fittings.

Note: Easy Rate Single sensors use 4.8 mm (3/16 in.) outer diameter (OD) water cooling tubes.  They are not compatible with Ultra-Torr equipped Front Load Sensor feedthroughs and require a tubing adapter in order to be welded to a standard feedthrough with 4.8 mm (3/16 in.) OD water cooling tubes.


  • Minimum investment with lowest upfront cost
  • Lowest total cost of ownership from extended sensor life
  • Maximum throughput with less maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Available in standard and right angle configurations
  • Optional shutter available
  • Sensor / Feedthrough combinations available with or without bored-through tube fittings


Maximum operating isothermal environment temperature with minimum water flow400° C
Crystal exchangeFront loading; self-contained package for ease of exchange
Water TubesS-304, 4.76 mm (0.188 in) OD x 0.51 mm (0.020 in.) wall thickness seamless stainless steel tubing
Feedthrough Specifications-1 in. Bolt 
Materials304 stainless steel, Teflon®, ceramic, beryllium nickel, VITON®
TemperatureOperational environment to 300° C with water cooling or 165° C without
Mounting1.015 in. ±0.010 in. diameter aperture
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Spare Parts
Easy Rate Sensor FeedthroughsEasy Rate Sensor Feedthroughs
Quartz Monitor CrystalsQuartz Monitor Crystals
Part NumberDescription
784-205-G1Crystal Retainer Assembly
784-204-G1Crystal Holder Assembly
784-403-P1Crystal Finger Spring
784-404-P1Retaining Ring
784-300-P1Crystal Holder
784-405-P1Holder Finger Spring
750-174-P2Female coax
080-011-P3SCREW 0-80 x .125 LG SLOT PAN HD SS GP
080-013#0-80 Split washer
784-209-G1Shutter Kit, Single (Unassembled Parts)
784-305-P1Easy Rate Single Sensor Shutter
784-206-G1Easy Rate Sensor Actuator Assembly
784-306-P1Easy Rate Sensor Actuator Clamp
084-054SSplit Washer #4 Stainless Steel Spare
084-027Socket Screw
783-500-023In-vacuum cable, 25.4 cm (10 in.)
783-500-024In-vacuum cable, 76.2 cm (30 in.)

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