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All vehicle components that are directly relevant to safety have special quality requirements - with corresponding demands on leak tightness. Brake hoses, brake fluid reservoirs and brake boosters, for example, should typically be tested against leakage rates in the range of 10-3 to 10-4 mbar∙l/s, often executed by helium testing in the accumulation chamber. Pyrotechnic airbag gas generators must be protected against intake of humidity  - corresponding to a reject leak rate in the 10-6 mbar∙l/s range.

Airbag gas generators are tested by bombing. First the airbag igniter is subjected to helium overpressure, then it is tested in a vacuum chamber to measure how much helium escapes again from the test part. 

The leak rate specification for airbag cold gas generators are somewhat higher. Their helium-argon mixture must maintain its overpressure for more than 10 or 15 years. To test for the corresponding even smaller helium leak rate of 10-7 mbar∙l/s, vacuum leak testing with the LDS3000 or the Modul1000 is the established method of testing.

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