Military, civilian and hazardous response teams need to make life, health and public safety decisions with speed and confidence. The quick identification of narcotics, Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), Fourth Generation Agents (FGA), explosives and toxic industrial chemicals is critical for our customers in this market.


Military/ Chemical Weapons Agents

There are a variety of threats in the world, with many based upon volatile chemical compounds.  Teams that respond to these threats must quickly identify the danger, contain it and protect people from exposure.  These teams need accurate sensors, like HAPSITE® chemical identification system, to identify unknown compounds in various states of matter either vapor, liquid or solid. 

HAPSITE provides rapid analysis of a wide variety of compounds under various compositions, mixtures and sample conditions.  Being able to identify an unknown compound in a mixture of chemicals and quantifying it is a technical challenge.  Samples can be in a complex mix, so the ability to collect and capture under varying conditions is required.  Plus, the need to work in a variety of locations from battlefields, airports, derailed trains, and reservoirs, requires portability and a rapid response.

Military/ Opioids

Law enforcement and hazardous materials teams need to respond quickly to chemical threats and identify them in a variety of field conditions and locations, all while wearing PPE. 

HAPSITE Chemical Identification System answers the call for an easy to use, fast, portable, reliable instrument that detects the deadliest narcotics for rapid health and safety evaluations.

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