STM-2 USB Thin Film Rate/ Thickness Monitor

Small in Size and Price, Big in Performance


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STM-2 combines the simplicity of USB connectivity with the accuracy of a precision measurement engine, all in a compact, inexpensive package. The size and simplicity of STM-2 help make setup and operation easy and efficient.

Superior Performance

STM-2 is the most accurate USB powered thin film monitor in the industry. Ten measurements are taken per second while achieving a resolution of 0.037 Å per measurement (density of 1).

Easy and Flexible Installation

STM-2 comes with everything you need to connect your QCM sensor/feedthrough to a Windows® PC. Simply connect the included BNC cable from the feedthrough to STM-2, then connect the STM-2 to your PC using a standard mini USB cable (included). No external oscillator or power supply is required.

STM-2 features an internal oscillator that allows for simple and cost effective installation when STM-2 is located within 1 m (40 in.) of the quartz crystal. A standard INFICON® oscillator kit can be used for applications where STM-2 must be located farther away from the feedthrough.

STM-2 Software

STM-2 includes LabVIEW® software, capable of simple operation and data logging. Windows software is also included for operation and data logging of up to eight STM-2s simultaneously (each STM-2 requires a powered USB port).

Please Note: 
The SMDP Server must be installed first for the STM-2 Windows Application Software or the STM-2 LabVIEW Application Software to function properly.


  • Low cost instrument
  • USB connection
  • Internal oscillator
  • High accuracy at 10 measurements per second
  • Compatible with an external oscillator
  • Includes software


Sensor inputFemale BNC
Measurement frequency range6.0 to 5.0 MHz (fixed)
Thickness and rate resolution/measurement±0.037 Å @ tooling/density = 100/1, fundamental frequency = 6 MHz
InterfaceUSB v1.1 or later capable of providing 400 mA, 5 V (dc)
Computer requirementsAny PC running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or 8 with one available USB 1.1 (or later) port for each STM-2
Part Number
Part NumberDescription
STM-2STM-2 USB Thin Film Rate/Thickness Monitor
Front Load Single SensorFront Load Single Sensor
Cool Drawer Single SensorCool Drawer Single Sensor
Low Profile Single SensorLow Profile Single Sensor
UHV Bakeable SensorUHV Bakeable Sensor
ALD SensorALD Sensor
Sputtering SensorSputtering Sensor
Easy Rate Single SensorEasy Rate Single Sensor
Quartz Monitor CrystalsQuartz Monitor Crystals
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