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The Vacuum Gauge Controller VGC083 A/B/C is a three channel gauge controller for vacuum pressure monitoring and controlling from atmosphere down to ultra-high vacuum. The industrial design of VGC083 in combination with a large selection of available passive gauge heads provides a flexible yet reliable and economical choice for vacuum applications requiring a wide vacuum measurement range. Due to the extended compatibility, VGC083 is the ideal solution for existing systems requiring direct drop-in replacements.

VGC083 can be configured to control and read-out up to 3 passive gauge heads among two types of passive sensors design types: one ionization gauge (hot cathode or cold cathode), plus two Pirani gauges. VGC083A is designed for use with one passive hot cathode ionization Bayard-Alpert BAG050 (nude) or BAG055 (compact metal enclosed) gauge head and two convection enhanced Pirani PGE050. VGC083B can host one passive hot cathode ionization Bayard-Alpert BAG051 (nude) or BAG052/053 (glass tube) gauge head and two PGE050. VGC083C can control one passive inverted magnetron cold cathode MAG050/060 gauge head and two PGE050.  Six single pole setpoint relays are assignable to any of the gauge heads. Built-in RS232 and RS485 control interfaces are provided for system integration.


  • Flexible solution for vacuum pressure monitoring and controlling from atmosphere down to ultra-high vacuum
  • Clear and simple operation with three individual bright LED displays
  • Parameter, sensor and general settings with softkeys
  • User selectable filament, degas electron bombardment or I2R resistive heating for gauge conditioning depending on gauge head type
  • Three analog outputs, user assignable to a single gauge or to gauges combinations
  • Six assignable single pole double throw setpoint relays
  • Ion gauge overpressure protection: sensor 1 can be automatically turned on/off from sensor 2 or 3
  • Remote digital I/O sensor and emission on/off, RS232 / RS485 serial communication
  • Direct drop in replacement opportunity for Granville-Phillips® Bayard-Alpert Gauge Controller 307 and accessories

(Granville-Phillips® are registered trademarks of MKS Instruments, Andover, MA, USA)

Available measurement configurations

VGC083 Available measurement configurations

Back panel views

Bayard-Alpert, hot cathode ionization

Gauge type 
Pressure measurement range8×10-4 mbar to ATM