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Mini hot ion Bayard-Alpert passive gauge head for VGC083

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The hot cathode ionization passive vacuum gauge head BAG055 is a miniature, metal enclosed Bayard-Alpert sensor designed for use with the Vacuum Gauge Controller VGC083A. BAG055 is an electron bombardment (EB) degas metal enclosed hot ionization vacuum gauge capable of pressure measurement down to 1×10-9 mbar. 

Thanks to its compact size and a large selection of possible flanges and fittings, BAG055 can be installed in every vacuum system easily and with minimal footprint. BAG055 is offered with a dual yttrium oxide coated iridium filament and can be baked up to 200 °C. The high accuracy (15%) makes BAG055 a cost effective and robust choice for general vacuum industrial or R&D applications.


  • Long standing, reliable and proven gauge head design
  • Drop-in replacement thanks to its compact size, large choice of connection flanges and fittings
  • Dual yttrium oxide coated iridium filament cathode assembly
  • Electron bombardment (EB) degassing

Typical applications

  • Industrial or R&D applications requiring precise vacuum measurement in the high vacuum range

Operating Units

  • Vacuum Gauge Controller VGC083A


Measurement principleBayard-Alpert, hot cathode ionization
Micro ionization gauge
Measurement range1.3×10-9 mbar to 6.7×10-2 mbar
Accuracy (N2)±15 % of reading
Repeatability (N2)±5 % of reading
Bake-out temperature ≤200°C1)
Materials exposed to vacuumStainless steel, glass, W, Y2O3
FeaturesDual Y2O3 coated iridium (Ir) filament

1) with high temperature cable or without cable

Part number

Part number
399-760BA EB-degas, ¾’’ tube, Yt2O3 coated dual iridium filament (Ir)
399-761BA EB-degas, DN 16 ISO-KF, Yt2O3 coated dual iridium filament (Ir)
399-762BA EB-degas, DN 25 ISO-KF, Yt2O3 coated dual iridium filament (Ir)
399-763BA EB-degas, DN 40 ISO-KF, Yt2O3 coated dual iridium filament (Ir)
399-764BA EB-degas, DN 16 CF-R, Yt2O3 coated dual iridium filament (Ir)
399-765BA EB-degas, DN 40 CF-R, Yt2O3 coated dual iridium filament (Ir)
399-766BA EB-degas, 8 VCR female, Yt2O3 coated dual iridium filament (Ir)
 Cables to VGC083A
399-8103 m (9.9 ft)
399-8118 m (25 ft)
399-81215 m (50 ft)
399-8603 m (9.9 ft)
399-8618 m (25 ft)
399-86215 m (50 ft)
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