Easy Drop-in Replacement for your Vacuum Gauge.

As global leaders, we manufacture and distribute solutions worldwide, ensuring your unique needs are met, regardless of your location. By choosing us, you gain access to simplified maintenance and performance that transcends borders, consistently going above and beyond expectations. Join us and replace a competitor - discover how by downloading our replacement list.

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INFICON Drop-in Replacement VCP

Why choose us?

  • Plug and Play Drop-in Replacement Options
  • Global Service beyond Borders
  • Wide Range of Vacuum Gauge Portfolio to a variety of Needs and Applications

Discover the simplicity and reliability of our award-winning products for optimal vacuum gauge equipment performance, backed by global support. Make the smart choice today.

Competitor Replacement List

Download the complete list for an overview of competitor products that can be seamlessly replaced by ours. Revolutionize your vacuum gauge experience with us!

Plug and Play Drop-in Replacement

Forget extensive reconfigurations and complex installations. Transition smoothly from your current vacuum gauge to our high-quality products. We understand the importance of efficiency and are committed to providing solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing setup and ensuring a smart and effortless upgrade in performance.

INFICON Augent OPG550 in lab
INFICON Augent OPG550 in lab

Global Service

With a network spanning the globe and products designed for international use, we provide you with a comprehensive global reach. Whether you operate locally or expand internationally, our vacuum gauge solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experts is always ready to offer support, regardless of your location or language preference.

global INFICON support and service
global INFICON support and service

Wide Range of Vacuum Gauge Portfolio

We offer a diverse range of premium vacuum gauge products to match your unique needs. From essential models to cutting-edge solutions, find the perfect gauge for precision, durability or advanced functionality. Choose us for access to top-tier offerings that elevate your vacuum gauge experience.

INFICON Augent OPG550 in lab
INFICON Augent OPG550 in lab

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