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Trigon™ BPG552

ATM to Ultra High Vacuum Dual Gauge

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For applications that require a measurement range from UHV (5 x10-10) down to ATM (1000 mbar), the Trigon™ family includes the dual technology BPG552 gauge. BPG552 consists of an Bayard-Alpert Hot Ionization sensor element and a classical, robust and reliable Pirani sensor element. The supported Bayard-Alpert dual filament offers superior accuracy, repeatability and longevity. 



  • Dual Gauge (2 sensing elements) for a wide measurement range, cost reduction & space savings 
  • 2 filaments for Bayard-Alpert system 
  • Pirani interlock protection to avoid premature filament burnout 
  • Automatic high vacuum Pirani adjustment reduces operator interventions 
  • Galvanic isolated electronics to avoid electric stray current 
  • Sliding emission mode to avoid pressure jumps and freeze when switching the emission stream 
  • Extended bakeability due to removable calibration data chips 
  • Set point relays 
  • Bright & big OLED display (90° rotatable) with user interface 
  • Analog output, RS232C serial interface, EtherCAT® 
  • Usable in conjunction with VGC50x Controller series 
  • Backwards compatible to BPG402 
  • RoHS compliance

Typical applications

  • Pressure measurement in Semiconductor processes
  • Industrial coating
  • General vacuum measurement and control on systems in the low to ultra high vacuum range


Measurement range (air, O2, CO, N2)5 × 10-10 … 1000 mbar
1 × 10-8 … 1 x 10-2 mbar ±15 of reading
1 x 10-2 mbar … 1000 mbar           ±30% of reading
Repeatability5% of reading, 10-8 …  10-2 mbar (after 10 min. stabilization)
Materials exposed to vacuumstainless steel, NiFe, nickel plating, Hastelloy, glass, iridium, yttrium oxide (Y2O3), Ni, tungsten

Part Number

BPG552 Ordering Information
BPG552 Ordering Information

Spare Parts

Part NumberDescription
354-420  BPG552 Spare sensor head, KF25
354-421BPG552 Spare sensor head, CF40
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