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UL6000 Fab

The ultimate in mobile vacuum leak detection. The all new UL6000 Fab PLUS with I·RISE. Rate-of-rise in under 10 seconds


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The INFICON UL6000 Fab Product Series is designed to meet the most critical and demanding leak detection applications. Featuring INFICON proprietary software algorithms I·CAL and HYDRO·S in a field-proven vacuum design, the UL6000 provides testing flexibility, high sensitivity and quick accurate results making any leak detection application fast and easy.

The UL6000 delivers fastest response times in all measurement ranges and extremely short cycle times in reaching test conditions and final results. The specially designed vacuum architecture provides the continuous high helium pumping speeds and the extremely fast response times you demand.

Leak detection is both time-consuming and complex. By measuring rate-of-rise, semiconductor- and vacuum equipment is continuously monitored during operation. Upon leak indication by this integral leak test, leak positions are then localized using the helium spraying method allowing for the required repair. This is followed by another leak test using pressure increase or so-called vacuum decay measurement – an intricate process which needs to be repeated until all leaks are detected. Moreover, to be as precise as possible, measurement times for this procedure are often particularly long for large equipment volumes. Thanks to I·RISE, our Intelligent Rate-of-rise feature, the new UL6000 Fab PLUS now performs pressure increase measurement all by itself and combines it with the helium spraying method. Our patented system enables measurement times to drop drastically, and thus helps minimize both general time for leak testing and fab equipment maintenance. Experience even faster and more precise measurement results – in under 10 seconds, independent of chamber volume.


Fab Product Series 

  • ULTRATEST Sensor Technology
  • HYDRO-S (HYDROgen-Suppression) to enable test conditions to be reached quickly.
  • I-CAL (Intelligent - Calculation Algorithm for Leak Rates) to ensure fast response to leaks in all measurement ranges.
  • A special multiple inlet turbomolecular pump that provides optimized high helium pumping speeds with high helium compression at all pressures to deliver excellent sensitivity, response, and fast clean-up.
  • A booster turbomolecular pump for extremely fast response on any test object, including the largest volumes and chambers.
  • The field-proven INFICON magnetic sector mass spectrometer for years of accurate and repeatable results in a trouble-free, maintenance-free design.
  • Self-protection features to protect the UL6000 from helium and particulate contamination and even an auto-purge cycle to ensure the UL6000 is ready when you need it.
  • A rotatable display / control interface and optional remote hand controller for operational flexibility.
  • Access control to the unit and system software can be enabled via the software to prevent unauthorized use or unintended modifications to test set-ups.
  • Software updates via e-mail to keep your UL6000 at optimum performance.
  • Work Station Design with an optimal height work surface that includes an ESD mat and tool box for testing convenience.

Fab PLUS Product Series

  • Featuring I·RISE, our intelligent rate-of-rise: Provides in-device pressure increase testing combined with helium spraying method
  • Rate-of-rise measurements in under 10 seconds
  • Helps minimize general time for leak testing and fab equipment maintenance
  • More speed, more precision

Typical Applications

  • Leak testing of components, subassemblies and large chambers used on semiconductor and flat panel display tools
  • Leak testing of semiconductor and flat panel tools
  • Leak testing of aerospace components, subassemblies, and systems
  • Leak testing of storage vessels/storage tanks


UL 6000 Fab
UL 6000 Fab PLUS
Max. pumping speed of roughing pumpm³/h>36
Max. Helium pumping speed (ULTRA Mode)L/s>36
Evacuation Time to 1 mbar 50 Ls52
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm
Max. pumping speed of roughing pumpm³/h>36
Max. Helium pumping speed (ULTRA Mode)L/s>36
Evacuation Time to 1 mbar 50 Ls52
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm
Part Number
UL6000 Fab
550-520UL6000 Fab
UL6000 Fab PLUS
550-530UL6000 Fab PLUS
551-226Metal hose, DN63 ISO-K/DN50 ISO-KF
551-227Metal hose, DN63 ISO-K/DN40 ISO-KF
551-015Remote Control RC1000WL, wireless, incl. wireless transmitter
551-010Remote Control RC1000C, wired, with 4m coiled cable
551-202Vaccuum Hose Holder for UL3000 Fab (incl. for ULTRA version)
525-001SL3000-3, sniffer line 3 m length
525-002SL3000-5, sniffer line 5 m length
525-003SL3000-10, sniffer line 10 m length
551-203Bracket for SL3000
551-210SL200, Sniffer line + el. extension for UL3000
551-201Helium Bottle Holder
560-310I/O 1000 module
560-315BM1000 Profibus module
560-316BM1000 PROFINET IO module
560-317BM1000 DeviceNet module
560-318BM1000 Ethernet/IP module
560-334Data Cable for IO1000,BM1000, 0.5m
560-332Data Cable 2 m
560-335Data Cable 5 m
560-340Data Cable 10 m
1 https://www.inficon.com/en/products/rc1000-remote-control
2 https://www.inficon.com/en/products/Calibrated-Test-Leaks-For-Helium-Vacuum-Leak-Detectors-UL1000-UL1000Fab-UL5000
Part NumberDescription
200007656Airfilter Kit UL3 Housing Ventilation