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The “Dry” Standard for Vacuum Leak Testing in Industrial Vacuum and Semiconductor Manufacturing 

The INFICON UL1000 Fab Helium Leak Detector is the renowned standard when it comes to economic helium vacuum leak testing in industrial or semiconductor environments.

Potential contamination of the tested parts or equipment by carbon-hydrogen compounds or particles is eliminated through the instrument’s dry pump technology. The UL1000 Fab provides the best compromise between high performance, unparalleled robustness, and affordability. It provides state-of-the art detection limits of 10-12 mbar*l/s combined with reasonable short pump down and response time. The compact design provides high maneuverability allowing easy access to maintenance areas with restricted space. The selectable background suppression (iZERO) enables continuous leak testing within at least two decades lower than existing background levels. 

All features enable you to shorten the time of your leak testing efforts while assuring that all leaks can be identified at an economic scale.


  • minimize leak testing efforts through quick pump down and response time
  • avoid need for multiple leak tests by using selectable background suppression (iZERO)
  • enable easy access to maintenance areas with restricted space through maneuverable design
  • low total cost of ownership (TCO) enabled by robust two hot filament ion source (3 years warranty) and counterflow vacuum system
  • easy to use with rotatable display, optical and audible leak indication, and optional remote control
  • low maintenance via a built-in test leak with auto calibration procedure

Typical Applications

  • industrial vacuum equipment manufacturing with high demand for cleanliness
  • vacuum components or sub-assemblies before they are installed in existing tools
  • maintenance work on vacuum tools, with or without support from their own pump
  • inspections and installations of process gas systems
  • Semiconductor, flat panel display or solar cell manufacturing


Min. detectable leak rate for Helium (Vacuum mode)mbar•L/s< 5 • 10-12
Min. detectable leak rate for Helium (Sniffer mode)mbar•L/s< 5·10-8
Max. Inlet pressure GROSS modembar15
Max. Inlet pressure FINE modembar2
Max. Inlet pressure ULTRA modembar0.4
Pumping speed during evacuationm³/h25 at 50 Hz
Helium pumping speed ULTRA modeL/s2.5
Detectable masses 2,3,4 amu
Mass spectrometer Sector field 180°
Filaments ion source Iridium/Yttria coated 2
Calibrated built-in leakmbar•L/s∼ 10-7
Test portDN 25 KF1
Adjustable triggers 2
Interface RS 232
Chart recorder outputV2 x10
In/Outputs PLC compatible
Permissable ambient temperature (during operation)°C+10 to +40
Dimensions (l x w x h)mm
1050 x 472 x 987
41 x 19 x 39
Supply voltage (EU)V (ac)230 (± 10 %) 50 Hz
Supply voltage (US)V (ac)100/115 V (± 10 %) 50/60 Hz
Power consumption (typ.)VA1100
Power consumption (max.)VA1100
Part Number
550-100AUL1000 Fab, 230 V AC, EU plug
550-101AUL1000 Fab, 100/115 V AC, US plug
14022Extension cable for remote control RC1000, 8 m length
551-000Toolbox, detachable,for UL1000
551-001Helium Bottle Holder for UL1000/5000
551-002ESD Mat for UL1000/5000
551-005TC1000Test Chamber,DN25KF,ESD wrist band
551-010Remote Control RC1000C, wired, with 4m coiled cable
551-015Remote Control RC1000WL, wireless, incl. wireless transmitter
551-020Wireless transmitter for RC1000WL
RC1000 Remote ControlRC1000 Remote Control
TC1000 Test ChamberTC1000 Test Chamber
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