SMART-Spray Helium Spray Gun

Smart Enhancement for UL Family of Leak Detectors 


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Portable Helium Spray Gun for Best Leak Detection Results

With our new intelligent add-on SMART-Spray, a portable, wire- and hoseless helium spray gun for the UL Family of leak detectors, you can elevate your leak detection to new heights:

Working with SMART-Spray makes your leak detection significantly faster, easier, more reliable and more effective while saving helium.

No connection hose, no effort, no errors: the new SMART-Spray makes leak testing more flexible and efficient than ever before. Forget time-consuming handling of large helium cylinders, working range limitation by a hose connection and time-consuming and error-prone manual adjustment of the helium flow.

SMART-Spray is fully compatible with the UL Family of leak detectors.

The new SMART-Spray for leak checking offers enhanced efficiency and flexibility. With this innovative helium spray gun, you can avoid the complexities of managing large helium cylinders, dealing with connection hoses, and manual adjustment of helium flow. SMART-Spray makes leak detection more streamlined, simplifies your testing processes, and saves helium by ensuring the lowest flow required to pinpoint your check spots.

Advantages at a glance

  • Hoseless handheld tool for maximum flexibility and easy handling
  • Precisely predefined helium quantity for optimum helium flow
  • Refillable mini cartridges (HeliCan) with more than 1,000 sprays
  • Integrated color display to indicate readiness for use and graphical or numerical leak rate indication
  • Status LEDs indicating helium spray duration and surpassing of leakrate threshold combinable with haptical vibration feedback
  • Simple control of the leak detector, such as via remote control
  • Integrated lighting for darker areas
  • USB-C charging port and replaceable battery

SMART-Spray can be operated with either 50 ml or 405 ml helium cartridges (HeliCan), depending on your preference for accessibility in narrow spaces or for extended use.


When filled to a maximum relative pressure of 6 bar, the 405 ml HeliCan provides over 5,000 sprays of 2 seconds at 12 sccm, while the 50 ml cartridge allows for more than 600 sprays of 2 seconds at 12 sccm. Using larger flows of 70, 250, or 1,100 sccm reduces endurance linearly, enabling integral testing.


Available flow rates*~ 12 sccm, M ~ 70 sccm, L ~ 250 sccm, XL ~ 1100 sccm
Number of sprays of HeliCan 50 ml**S > 600, M > 110, L > 30
Number of sprays of HeliCan 405 ml**S > 5000, M > 900, L > 260, XL > 50
Adjustable duration of each spray1.0 to 9.9 s
BatteryLi-Ion, 3.63 V, 3.35 Ah, 12.16 Wh
Battery operating time> 10 h (at full capacity)
Leak detector remote controlAll basic functions, such as: start/stop, zero, etc.
Screen1.8 inch 280 x 320 pixel color display: Graphic/numerical leak rates and status display (remote control, battery,
approx. HeliCan level, approx. number of sprays remaining)


* At 20 °C ambient temperature
** Number of sprays every two seconds at a filling pressure of 6 bar

Ordering Information

Part Numbers
551-050SMART-Spray helium spray gun set*
* incl. bluetooth transmitter and adapter for UL family of leak detectors, battery, charging cable, 2 x 50 ml HeliCan, wrist strap.
On requestHeliCan helium cartridge, 50 ml - empty
On requestHeliCan helium cartridge, 405 ml - empty
551-067HeliCan helium cartridge, 50 ml - 6 bar
551-068HeliCan helium cartridge, 405 ml - 6 bar
551-068AHeliCan helium cartridge, 405 ml - 1,9 bar
551-070Refill station for helium cartridge
On requestRefill adapter for spray lance
551-080Battery charger
551-081Battery charger set
On requestFlow check
On requestProtection cover SMART-Spray
On requestCasing - empty
On requestFlexible spray lance


HeliCan Beiblatt
pdf 1,8 MB German Instruction Sheet
HeliCan Supplement
pdf 1,8 MB English Instruction Sheet
IFCBT-Dongle Gebrauchsanleitung
pdf 909,6 KB German Operating Manual
IFCBT-Dongle Instrucciones de uso
pdf 1,2 MB Spanish Operating Manual
IFCBT-Dongle Instrukcja użycia
pdf 1,2 MB Polish Operating Manual
IFCBT-Dongle Istruzioni per l'uso
pdf 1,2 MB Italian Operating Manual
IFCBT-Dongle Notice d'utilisation
pdf 1,2 MB French Operating Manual
IFCBT-Dongle Operating instructions
pdf 927,0 KB English Operating Manual
IFCBT-Dongle 使用說明 - TW
pdf 1,3 MB Chinese Operating Manual
IFCBT-Dongle 使用説明書
pdf 1,3 MB Japanese Operating Manual
IFCBT-Dongle 사용 지침
pdf 1,2 MB Korean Operating Manual
pdf 1,3 MB Chinese Operating Manual
SMART-Spray Betriebsanleitung
pdf 2,5 MB German Operating Manual
SMART-Spray instrukcja obsługi
pdf 2,8 MB Polish Operating Manual
SMART-Spray manual de instrucciones)
pdf 2,8 MB Spanish Operating Manual
SMART-Spray manuale operativo
pdf 2,8 MB Italian Operating Manual
SMART-Spray Notice-d'utilisation
pdf 2,8 MB French Operating Manual
SMART-Spray Operating instructions
pdf 2,5 MB English Operating Manual
SMART-Spray 取扱説明書
pdf 2,9 MB Japanese Operating Manual
SMART-Spray 操作手冊 - TW
pdf 2,9 MB Chinese Operating Manual
SMART-Spray 운영 매뉴얼
pdf 2,8 MB Korean Operating Manual
pdf 2,9 MB Chinese Operating Manual
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