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SMART-Spray, I·BOOST and SPRAY-Check: Our powerful add-ons for INFICON  UL-Family of leak detectors. 


Smart extensions for smart leak detection. Take your leak testing processes to the next level and benefit from more speed, more precision and more flexibility in your leak detection applications. With SMART-Spray, I-BOOST and SPRAY-Check, you can now get the most out of your UL leak detectors. We will be happy to advise you on how to achieve maximum productivity and maximum efficiency for your testing processes.

Every testing process has its own special requirements. 

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SMART-Spray: No Hose, No Hassle, No Errors

With SMART-Spray, leak checking is more flexible and efficient than ever before. No time-consuming handling of large helium cylinders, no rigid, hose or wire-bound work and no time-consuming and error-prone manual adjustment of helium spray volumes. SMART-Spray makes your leak detection significantly faster, easier and more reliable. Furthermore, it assures minimal helium flows required for leak testing, thus keeps helium background and its consumption on lowest levels.



Advantages at a glance 

  • Maximum flexibility and easy handling thanks to wireless and hoseless use
  • Minimum helium flow thanks to precisely predefined helium quantities
  • Refillable mini cartridges (HeliCan) with approx. 1,000 sprays for 8 hours of operation
  • Displays the leak rate right in your hand
  • Remote control of leak detector
  • Integrated light function for dark areas of use

I·BOOST: Increase performance - shorten response time

I·BOOST is the intelligent software solution for time savings of up to 50% when searching for and locating leaks. Thanks to particularly short response times, you can achieve fast and highly precise measurement results for a wide range of chamber volumes.



Advantages at a glance 

  • Accelerated leak rate signal for even faster leak tests
  • Next test points can be sprayed at shorter intervals
  • Virtual pump-down times of up to several 100 l/s
  • Individually adjustable speeds for the best system conditions

SPRAY-Check: Simple Installation - Great Benefits

SPRAY-Check is a test leak to ensure that you can rely on the complete functionality and operational readiness of your leak detector during your test processes. Especially in the relevant range of 109 to 108 mbar∙l/s, the SPRAY-Check enables particularly reliable checks. 


Advantages at a glance 

  • Enables estimation of dead time of your leak test application
  • Can be placed anywhere (vacuum chamber or directly on the leak detector)
  • No contamination of the test chamber, only permeable to test gases such as helium
  • Can stay on your vacuum chamber, avoiding repeated installation and opening of your chamber
  • Particularly fast and reliable check for leaks in measuring ranges of less than 10-7 mbar∙l/s
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SMART-Spray, I•BOOST and SPRAY-Check
Compatible with INFICON helium leak detectors from the UL series 

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