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MAG050, MAG060, MAG070

Cold cathode passive gauge heads for VGC094 and VGC083C


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The gauge heads MAG050, MAG060 and MAG070 are long-established passive, inverted magnetron cold cathode gauges intended to operate with the Vacuum Gauge Controllers VGC094 and VGC083C. They are designed for vacuum measurement in the pressure range from 1×10-11 (MAG070) to 5×10-3  mbar. The compact metal design provides a robust solution suitable for general vacuum applications. MAG050 is a simpler cold cathode gauge with an elastomer sealed feedthrough. 

Thanks to their all-metal design, MAG060 and MAG070 respond to needs of demanding applications requiring bake-out temperature up to 250 °C or high ionizing radiation resistance. Both allow pressure measurement in the UHV range. The triaxal connection of MAG070 allows lowest pressure reading (down to 1×10-11 mbar) and long distance operation between the gauge head and controller (up to 500 m). All gauge heads have an ignition aid mounted on the anode (reducing the cold cathode ignition time at low pressure) and can be easily disassembled and cleaned, allowing long term use with minimal downtime.


  • Reliable and proven gauge head design, based on the inverted magnetron principle
  • Large vacuum pressure measurement range capability from 1×10-11 (MAG070) to 5×10-3  mbar
  • Bakeable to 150 °C (MAG050) or 250 °C (MAG060, MAG070)
  • Good ignition properties
  • Corrosion resistant with ceramic feedthrough
  • Radiation resistant design available (MAG060, MAG070)
  • Easy to maintain, low cost of ownership

Typical applications

  • General vacuum measurement and control for demanding and/or high temperature applications from low to the high vacuum range

Operating Units

  • Vacuum Gauge Controller VGC094 and VGC083C (MAG070 excluded)
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