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Micro GC Fusion offers significant throughput gain through rapid temperature ramping and modular architecture. The transportable, lightweight chassis and web-based user interface enables simplified operation for both on-site and in-lab gas analysis.
Micro GC Fusion is a proud winner of the prestigious 2014 R&D 100 Award!!

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  • Rapid analysis, 1–3 minutes
  • Multiple module parallel analysis with fast temperature ramping
  • Fusion Auto-Sensing Technology (FAST) coupled with MEMS TCD provides 1 ppm sensitivity
  • Front panel display provides instrument control, analysis result and status update
  • License-free web-based user interface accessible from any web browser
  • Embedded Wi-Fi enables instrument control from computer, tablet and smart phone
  • Optional integrated sample conditioner provides programmable purging, sample pressure and temperature regulation


  • Minimize analysis time
  • Maximize availability
  • License free access
  • Easy connectivity
  • Minimize sampling handling
  • Simplify on-site analysis

Typical Applications

  • Natural gas and extended natural gas analysis
  • H2S and odorant in natural gas
  • SO2 and H2S gas monitoring
  • Permanent gases and olefins in refinery gas
  • Syngas, fuel cell, landfill gas and biogas
  • Impurities in petrochemical products and specialty gases
  • Solvent/VOC gas monitoring
  • Catalyst research for alternative energy
  • Mud logging in oil and gas exploration
  • Mine gas
  • Carbon monoxide diffusing capacity in the mouse lung

MyQueueGC Fusion

MyQueueGC Fusion is a small, easy to use software program that enables the operator to:

  • Customize the naming of runs within a sequence
  • Customize the naming of runs and control a sequence using a Valco valve stream selector accessory
  • Set up a series of sequences
  • Prioritize sequences
  • Enable passive naming of the run based on an external trigger, such as an AUX I/O trigger, or a front panel start
  • Export data automatically to an appending CSV file
  • Export data automatically as a JSON file

The software works in tandem with the Micro GC Fusion web-based user interface and can easily be installed on a Windows computer.

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Application Notes
Application Note - Biogas Analysis using Micro GC Fusion
pdf 1,9 MB English
Application Note - Determining the Effects of Harmful LC Solvent Vapors on GC Analysis
pdf 801,7 KB English
Application Note - Natural Gas Analysis for Engine and Appliance Manufacturers
pdf 606,6 KB English
Application Note - Odorants in Natural Gas
pdf 847,3 KB English
Application Note - Rapid Analysis of Natural Gas Composition
pdf 487,6 KB English
Application Note - Rapid Analysis of Neon & Carbon Monoxide for Mouse Lung Diffusion Capacity Calculation
pdf 153,2 KB English
Application Note - Rapid Analysis of SO2 to Determine Catalyst Efficiency
pdf 144,8 KB English
Application Note - Rapid Analysis of Syngas
pdf 159,6 KB English
Application Note - Refinery Gas Analysis using Micro GC Fusion
pdf 381,2 KB English
Application Note - Reliable Landfill Wellhead Tuning using Micro GC Fusion
pdf 251,9 KB English
Application Note - Simple and Rapid Measurement of Chemicals in Coffee Bean Storage Bags
pdf 2,0 MB English
Application Note - University Catalysis Research Gas Analysis
pdf 485,9 KB English
Tech Note - Automate Sampling by Pairing Micro GC Fusion with Valco Stream Selector
pdf 680,7 KB English
Tech Note - Benefits of Using Temperature Programming on Micro GC Fusion
pdf 254,1 KB English
Tech Note - Increase Throughput with FAST Enabled Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer
pdf 300,3 KB English
Technical Note - Micro GC Fusion Auto-Calibration
pdf 623,9 KB English
Technical Note- Micro GC Fusion JP-100 for Ambient Temperature Stability
pdf 1,6 MB English