Alternative Energy and Petrochemical


An increased demand for oil and gas production over the next several decades is being propelled by growth in population, urbanization, and consumer middle class in developing countries. Technological advances have reduced exploration and processing costs, thereby capping energy prices and solidifying fossil fuel as the primary source of energy. The recent boom in shale gas exploration, led by advances in hydraulic fracturing, has driven natural gas production to an unprecedented level. In addition, alternative energy such as syngas, an intermediate product from coal gasification remains attractive as a cleaner and more efficient alternate fuel for power generation. Using a gas analyzer for component monitoring at nearly every stage of the oil and gas production is required to produce safe, high quality products in an economical manner. The highly configurable Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer meets gas analysis needs for mud logging, natural gas, refinery gas, catalyst research, syngas and mine gas analysis.

The US EPA describes fugitive emissions as “emissions that could not reasonably pass through a stack, chimney, vent, or other functionally equivalent opening.” Each connection within a petrochemical or industrial piping network is a potential leak point, and needs to be monitored for fugitive emissions. Refineries are mandated to have Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programs that follow US EPA Method 21 guidelines for the determination of permissible volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, including methane, from points other than the designated release point. DataFID Portable Flame Ionization Detector is an intrinsically safe, portable flame ionization detector that safely measures VOC emissions and meets and exceeds the Method 21 instrument requirements for LDAR.


DataFID Portable Flame Ionization Detector

Ideal for LDAR monitoring. 

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Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer






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