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Magnetic field resistant cold cathode passive gauge head for VGC094


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The gauge head MAG084 is a unique magnetic field resistant inverted magnetron cold cathode gauge designed to operate with the Vacuum Gauge Controller VGC094. Its special design, fitting a double ionization chamber principle, allows vacuum measurement in the pressure range from 1×10-8 to 5×10-3  mbar even in presence of strong external magnetic fields. 

Thanks to an all-metal design, NdFeB rare earth magnets, the optimised and closed magnetic circuit and the magnetic shielding enclosure, MAG084 is the answer for all special Fusion and R&D applications requiring the highest performance, including magnetic field immunity. 

MAG084 has a bake-out temperature up to 230 °C and ionizing radiation resistance up to 107 Gy. The gauge head has an ignition aid mounted on the anode (reducing the cold cathode ignition time at low pressure) and can be easily disassembled and cleaned, allowing long term use with minimal downtime.


  • Developed to sustain operation in strong external magnetic fields
  • Reliable and proven gauge head design, based on the inverted magnetron principle
  • Innovative double ionization chamber principle
  • Bakeable to 230 °C
  • Good ignition properties
  • Corrosion resistant with ceramic feedthrough
  • Radiation resistant design to 1×107 Gy
  • Easy to maintain, low cost of ownership


  • Innovative double ionization chamber principle
  • NdFeB rare earth magnets
  • Optimised and closed magnetic circuit
  • Magnetic shielding enclosure

Typical applications

  • Special Fusion and R&D applications presenting strong external magnetic fields

Operating Units

  • Vacuum Gauge Controller VGC094

Magnetic field performance

  • Fully reversible recovery from short-term external magnetic field exposure up to 600 mT, at 230 °C (any orientation)
  • Operating max. allowable external magnetic field (3 dB margin) and relatively induced error:
MAG084_Magnetic Field Performance
MAG084_Magnetic Field Performance