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The Ion Reference Gauge IRG080 is a first-of-a-kind vacuum sensor developed for precise total pressure measurement in vacuum systems. Based on an innovative concept of ionization vacuum gauge (the hot cathode emits electrons travelling on a straight path into a Faraday cup), IRG080 is suitable as reference standard in the range of 10-8 mbar to 10-4 mbar. 

IRG080 offers unmatched accuracy down to 1%, predictable gas sensitivity with a very small spread, very good short-term repeatability and reproducibility. The gauge is the ideal solution for metrology and calibration. IRG080 is connected and controlled by the IRC081 display and operating unit.


  • Developed for applications requiring high measurement accuracy in the high and ultra-high vacuum range
  • Electrode system configuration according to ISO TS 6737
  • True pressure for all gas species thanks to predictable relative gas sensitivity with small uncertainty
  • Stable electron emission and lack of influence from ESD or X-ray effects
  • Reproducible and easy to transport
  • Bakeable to 165 °C (with temperature resistant cable) or up to 400 °C without connector unit
  • Mu-metal intermediate piece available for magnetic shielding purposes

Operating Units

  • Ion Reference gauge Controller IRC081

Reference Standard

  • Accuracy below 1% for N2
  • Predictable gas sensitivity, with a very small spread (<1.5%)
  • True total pressure measurement
  • Very good short-term repeatability (<1%) and reproducibility (<1%)

Measurement principle

Electrons leave the cathode (left side), are accelerated by the anode to 200 eV, focused by the ion collector. The length of the electron path is well characterized and so the sensitivity of the gauge is predictable. Ions generated by electrons within the anode grid are accelerated to the collector and measured as a current. Ions generated outside the anode grid are caught by the deflector.

IRG080_Measurement principle
IRG080_Measurement principle

One complete package

  • Operating and display interface via the Ion Reference gauge Controller IRC081
  • The user has control on the IRG080 gauge parameters
  • Settings and measurement values displayed in IRC081 User Interface software (LabVIEWTM)
  • Data and parameter logging functionality
IRG080_one complete package
IRG080_one complete package


Measurement systemhot cathode ionization
Electrode system configurationaccording ISO TS 6737
Measurement range (N2) with IRC081 controller<1×10-8 … 1×10-4 mbar
Sensitivity (N2, typical)29 mbar-1
Accuracy (N2, typical)<±1% of reading
Repeatability (N2)<1% of reading
FeedthroughAl2O3 ceramic
Bake-out temperature≤400 °C
Materials exposed to vacuumStainless steel, NiFeCo, Al2O3, Ta, W
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Part number

Part number
399-874IRG080 DN 63 CF-R, BNC and multipin connector
399-875IRG080 DN 63 CF-F, BNC & multipin connector,  mu-metal intermediate piece
 Heat resistant gauge head cable set to IRC081, with contact protection
to IRG080 165 °C
399-8835 m (16.4 ft)
399-88410 m (32 ft)
399-88515 m (49.5 ft)
399-890Replacement cathode
399-891Mu-metal intermediate piece, DN 63 CF-F
399-892Protection grid for intermediate piece
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