Hot Ionization Gauges

IE414, IE514

Hot cathode ionization passive gauge heads for IM540

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The IE414 and IE514 are high-end vacuum sensors based on hot cathode ionization effect. IE414 is a Bayard-Alpert gauge while the IE514 is based on the extractor principle. These passive gauges are combined and controlled by the IM540 vacuum gauge controller. 

Thanks to the modulation of the cathode emission current, the IE414 measurement range spans over 9 decades from 10-2 mbar down to 10-11 mbar. The extractor principle allows IE514 reaching a lower measurement limit of 2×10-12 mbar thanks to its intrinsic reduction of X-ray and ion desorption effects. The IE414 and IE514 gauge heads are designed for low outgassing vacuum systems and can be baked up to extreme high temperature (400 °C). The temperature resistant gauge head cable set is also designed for high bake-out temperature, exceeding 200 °C (250 °C at the flange of the sensor).


  • High accuracy of the measurements due to individually calibrated sensing system
  • Exchangeable cathode
  • Extreme high temperature bake-out up to 400 °C


  • Bayard-Alpert sensing principle
  • Measurement range to 2×10-11 mbar
  • Modulation of the cathode emission current (in combination with the IM540 vacuum gauge controller)


  • Extractor sensing principle
  • Lowest measurement limit, down to 2×10-12 mbar
  • Significant reduction of X-ray and ion desorption effects

Typical applications

  • Scientific and R&D applications requiring precise vacuum measurement in the ultra-high vacuum range and high temperature bake-out

Operating Units

  • Vacuum Gauge Controller IM540


Measurement principleBayard-Alpert, hot cathode ionization
Measurement range2×10-11 ... 1×10-2 mbar (with modular emission current)
X-ray limit<10-11 mbar
FeedthroughAl2O3 ceramic
Bake-out temperature≤400 °C
Material exposed to vacuumNiFe, AI2O3, stainless steel,  Y2O3, Mo, tungsten
FeaturesIridium filament, coated with Y2O3
Molybdenum anode
Measurement principleExtractor, hot cathode ionization
Measurement range2×10-12 ... 1×10-4 mbar
X-ray limit<10-12 mbar
FeedthroughAl2O3 ceramic
Bake-out temperature≤400 °C
Material exposed to vacuumNiFe, AI2O3, stainless steel,  Y2O3, tungsten
FeaturesIridium filament, coated with Y2O3
Stainless steel anode

Part Number

Part Number
399-661IE414 DN 40 CF-F
399-676Replacement cathode IE414
399-663IE514 DN 40 CF-F
399-677Replacement cathode IE514
 Gauge head cables to IM540 
to IE414/514, 80 °C
399-6803 m
399-6815 m
399-68210 m
399-68550 m
 Gauge head cables to IM540 
to IE414/514, 200 °C
399-6863 m
399-6875 m
399-68810 m
399-69050 m


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