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Gemini™ MxG5xx
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The INFICON Sputtering Sensor is specifically designed for use in any sputtering process. 

The sensor body and cooling tubes are gold plated beryllium copper for maximum cooling efficiency in the sputtering environment. A magnet built into the sensor head reduces excessive heating by energetic free electrons in sputtering systems by deflecting them with the external magnetic field. The rear loading crystal holder design allows easy crystal replacement without having to remove the sensor head from the system.


  • Gold plated beryllium copper sensor body and cooling tubes for maximum cooling efficiency
  • Magnet to deflect free electrons away from the monitor crystal
  • Easy installation with bendable water tubes allowing flexibility in sensor placement
  • Rear load crystal insertion for easy crystal replacement


Maximum bakeout temp with no water105°C
Maximum operating isothermal environment temperature with minimum water flow400° C
Crystal exchangeRear-loading
MagnetALNICO 5 Alloy
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Part Number

Part NumberDescription
750-618-G1Sputtering Sensor (sensor only, feedthrough not included)
Spare Parts
QCM Sensor Feedthroughs

QCM Sensor Feedthroughs


Sputtering Sensor
Part NumberDescription
750-420-G1Solenoid Valve, 24V (for use with shuttered and multi-crystal sensors)
Quartz Monitor CrystalsQuartz Monitor Crystals
Sputtering Sensor
Part NumberDescription
007-023Ceramic Retainer
007-049Crystal Holder, Sputtering Sensor
007-007Retainer spring (for crystal holder)
007-047Sputtering head cover with water lines
007-009Magnet for sputtering head cover
070-0440Retaining ring (installs onto shaft of shutter assembly)
070-0442Retaining ring (installs onto shaft of shutter assembly)
070-0441Spacer (installs onto shaft of shutter assembly)
082-044Teflon screw (for leaf spring)
082-029-P12-56 x 1/8 in. set screw for 750-619-G1 sputtering head body
750-009-P2Pivot cover (installs onto shaft of shutter assembly)
750-046-G2Shutter assembly for pneumatic shutter assembly
750-048-P1Retainer spring for 007-048 and 751-619-G1 sputtering head bodies
750-115-P4Coupling (installs onto bellows assembly)
750-169-P4Bellows assembly for pneumatic shutter assembly
750-174-P2Female coax
750-175-P1Insulator (underneath leaf spring)
750-188-P3Leaf Spring
750-619-G1Sputtering head body with coax connector

Spring for sputtering head cover


In-vacuum cables 
321-039-G12In-vacuum cable, 15.2 cm (6 in.)
007-252In-vacuum cable, 30.5 cm (12 in.)
321-039-G11In-vacuum cable, 61.0 cm (24 in.)
007-044In-vacuum cable, 78.1 cm (30.75 in.)
007-059In-vacuum cable, 91.4 cm (36 in.)
007-061In-vacuum cable, 121.9 cm (48 in.) - Requires ModeLock controller
321-039-G13In-Vacuum Cable, 154.2 cm (60 in.) - Requires ModeLock controller
321-039-G14In-vacuum cable, 182.9 cm (72 in.) - Requires ModeLock controller
321-039-G15In-vacuum cable, 3.5 m (137.8 in.) - Requires ModeLock controller and 4 m XIU
321-039-G16In-vacuum cable, 4 m (157.5 in.) - Requires ModeLock controller and 4 m XIU
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