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FabTime’s dispatching module is an add-on to our web-based digital dashboard software. At any point, for any tool in your fab, FabTime® will show you the list of all lots qualified to run on that tool. This list will be ordered by the dispatching logic that your site has selected for that tool. This logic can use standard dispatch rules such as Priority-FIFO and Critical Ratio. However, you can also create custom dispatching logic using any combination of dispatch factors.

You can display dispatch lists in FabTime, and/or export them back to your MES. FabTime also includes a dispatch reservation system to hold downstream tools when a lot is started on an upstream tool, as well as dispatch performance reporting.


  • Ensure wafers needed by management are in fact the wafers that are run, while requiring less manual intervention on the part of management
  • Improve delivery to schedule, and the display of performance to schedule
  • Document the dispatching logic used by the best operators and make this available to all shifts

Dispatch Configuration

Configuration projects are offered as an additional fee, on top of your FabTime subscription, and include:

  • Dispatch rule and factor configuration
  • Training
  • Dispatch list feed to the MES (if applicable)

Dispatch Factors

  • Batch code at the current tool
  • Lot priority
  • Downstream tool priority
  • Current tool FIFO
  • Current tool idle time
  • Downstream batch efficiency
  • Critical ratio
  • Earliest-due-date
  • Current step processing time
  • Remaining processing time
  • Current step qualified tool count
  • Up to twenty other site-specific factors
FabTime Dispatch_Dispatch Configuration
FabTime Dispatch_Dispatch Configuration


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