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HAPSITE ER is the only person-portable Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) that requires minimal training to deliver qualitative and quantitative lab-quality results-in the field, in less than 10 minutes. 

In fact, all the operator has to do is push a button to begin identifying and quantifying volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), toxic industrial materials (TIMs), chemical warfare agents (CWAs), and select semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs).

HAPSITE ER has the capability to identify analytes in the PPM (parts per million) - PPT (parts per trillion) range. The GC column provides sharp chromatography and excellent resolution. During the quantitation method, the front panel clearly displays what chemicals are present, their concentration, and access to information regarding the degree of danger - to help make quick decisions affecting life, health, and safety.


  • Fast, confirmatory results in the field directly comparable to laboratory GC/MS data
  • Universal interface allows for accessory expansion without a hardware change to HAPSITE
  • Simple operation for even basic skill levels with minimal training
  • Visual confirmation of correct probe placement for optimum sample collection
  • Clear, color indicators of sample identity and level of danger
  • Pre-programmed methods to obtain quality data in minutes with a few simple keystrokes
  • Bright, graphical display of chromatograms, spectra, and instrument status for easy viewing
  • Built-in GPS records exact sampling location for legally defensible data


Operating Temperature°C
5 to 45
41 to 113
Weight (with battery)lb.
Power Supply Rechargeable NiMH battery pack or AC converter
Carrier Gas Nitrogen
Mass Spectrometer
Mass Rangeamu41-300 (1-300 using SIM)


Other Files
Best Practices Guide for Keeping the HAPSITE Deployable Ready
pdf 147,3 KB English
Compare HAPSITE ER to HAPSITE Smart Plus
pdf 2,6 MB English
Concentration Estimation Equation for HAPSITE ER Technical Note
pdf 332,2 KB English
Concentration Estimation Equation for HAPSITE Smart Plus
pdf 398,5 KB English
Detection and Identification of Stachbotrys chartarum Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs) On-Site Using the HAPSITE ER and Thermal Desorber Sampling System (TDSS)
pdf 288,4 KB English
HAPSITE ER Application Note - 524 SituProbe Quantitation Method
pdf 151,3 KB English
HAPSITE ER Application Note - EPA 8260B Quantitative Method with Headspace Sampling System
pdf 145,4 KB English
HAPSITE ER Application Note - EPA TO-15 Gas Quantification Method
pdf 149,6 KB English
SDS - Air Performance Standard (PN 071-747)
pdf 527,9 KB English
SDS - HAPSITE Battery (PN 930-4062-G1)
pdf 145,6 KB English
SDS - HAPSITE ER Training Chemical Standard Kit (PN 070-860-2)
pdf 6,0 MB English
SDS - HAPSITE Internal Standard Gas (PN 930-433-P6, 930-433-P12, 930-433-P24)
pdf 144,7 KB English
SDS - HAPSITE Smart Training Chemical Standard Kit (PN 071-760)
pdf 3,4 MB English
SDS - Headspace Internal Standard/Performance Standard (PN 071-748)
pdf 510,4 KB English
SDS - NEG Pump (PN 930-425-P1)
pdf 270,8 KB English
SDS - Nitrogen Carrier Gas (PN 930-432-P6, 930-432-P12, 930-432-P24)
pdf 142,3 KB English
SDS - V-G Conversion Tube
pdf 1,8 MB English
Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) and HAPSITE ER: Detection of an Explosive and Several Explosive Taggants in Air
pdf 362,9 KB English
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