We Strive to Constantly Advance Innovation

At INFICON, innovation is an fundamental part of our company culture. We strive to explore new technologies and use our expertise in different fields to push the limits of what's possible.

Pushing the boundaries of technology

We approach innovation through research, a lot of research, often diving into unsolved challenges where others might hesitate. Whether it's a complex scientific investigation or a field project in seemingly impossible conditions, we at INFICON thrive on these challenges.

We believe that by consistently pushing the boundaries of technology and investing in resources and know-how, we foster innovation and continue to be at the forefront of technological advancements.

Constant learning is part of our innovation

Another part of our innovation journey is the numerous fast paced 1-month research initiatives we conduct throughout the year that we call "Hackathons." These events serve as a starting point for creative ideas and rapid problem-solving. By addressing immediate needs and swiftly generating cross-department ideas, we create a global environment that fosters innovation. 

The outcomes of these Hackathons provide valuable insights that serve as the building blocks for developing new solutions for different applications and industry-leading solutions.

Constant learning and interdisciplinary global teams are another integral part of our innovation process. Continuous learning loops, feedback, successes and failures enable us to stay ahead in delivering innovative solutions to our customers.

Research projects with renowned partners

While we cannot communicate all the projects we’re working on, there are a couple of exciting projects we would like to share with you. In all of them, we have the chance to collaborate together with bright minds from leading organizations, renowned universities and international associations.

If you’re interested in how we help to shape the future with our solutions, please have a look at the projects below.

Measure and Quantify on the Lunar Surface

Learn about the NASA Artemis Program, where our commercial mass spectrometers play an important role in helping to unravel lunar mysteries and prepare for human exploration on the Moon. This collaboration, with NASA Kennedy Space Center scientists, engineers and its commercial partners is a great example of how INFICON sensors are at the forefront of innovation and continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Integrating Sensors into Robots

The ARAMMIS (Autonomous Robot for Area Mapping, Monitoring and In-situ Sensing)  project is a collaboration between ETH Zurich's Robotic Systems Lab and INFICON. Solving robotic limitations and enhancing capabilities, the project integrates our advanced sensors into a wheeled-legged robot. ARAMMIS showcases a commitment to innovation, promising versatile applications, including drones, in the future of autonomous systems and robotics. 

Read about our Robotic Project

Improving Volcanic Monitoring

We collaborate with global research institutions to change and improve volcanic monitoring. Deploying advanced instruments, including our IRwin® portable gas monitor and Transpector® MPH membrane inlet MS, we are driving geochemical technology forward. 

Read about our Volcano Research

Under Water Mass Spectrometer - Expedition in the South Atlantic Ocean

Our Transpector® CPM plays an important role in the Alfred-Wegener-Institut's underwater mass spectrometer (UWMS), employed by scientists to explore and quantify methane sources in marine environments. This technology enables the precise in-situ measurement of methane emissions, contributing to a deeper understanding of the global carbon cycle and aiding the development of civil defense protocols for volcanic activity. 

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Interested in Collaborating with us?

Let us know if you are looking for a solution in a difficult and challenging environment, or if you want to collaborate in any of our projects. 

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