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How implementing an electronic leak detector can help


A coolant leak in a chiller can have a profound negative impact on a semiconductor fab’s efficiency and productivity, costing precious time and resources until it is fully resolved. Not only is the coolant expensive, but the associated costs of a system being down, like material scrap and lost production time, can be massive. Most fabs are not able to self-repair or even diagnose chiller issues. Instead, chillers are simply replaced, leaving the fab with excessive downtime until the new system is delivered and installed.

Integrating an electronic leak detector in your fab’s repair and preventive maintenance process is a great way to help avoid these costly situations. D-TEK Stratus® gives you the ability to detect coolant leaks quicker than ever.   The innovative cloud hunting mode with PPM readout can be used to quickly find areas where coolant is present.  The bright, color screen displays a PPM readout to give you real-time concentration levels to guide you closer to the leak site.  Then, it’s fast-reacting pinpoint mode will help you find the exact leak location.  D-TEK Stratus can even be used to verify repairs and for preventative maintenance in your fab, so you can have confidence in your projected productivity.

D-TEK Stratus is A2L certified for semi-flammable refrigerants and is specially designed to detect all CFC, HCFC, HFC and HFO refrigerants. It also detects HFE 9500, FC3283, FC40, HT200, HT110 and other common coolants used in semi fab cooling applications.  In addition, D-TEK Stratus can be used to pinpoint leaks on the refrigeration side of the chiller.  Leak checking frequently can help you plan for scheduled downtime to swap out equipment, make a system repair or perform any other maintenance tasks. 

Leak Checking Insulated Areas

Due to their low vapor pressure, semi fab coolants are liquid at room temperature and therefore do not outgas a significant amount.  Because of this, insulation can be helpful to contain the gas that is present, but, at the same time, it also makes the area hard to access when it comes to leak checking.  To access these areas without removing insulation, simply attach the Needle Probe Extension to the standard probe. The Needle Probe Extension is offered as an accessory for D-TEK Stratus and provides a quick, easy-to-use solution for traditionally problematic areas. With a higher concentration of the outgas contained in the insulation, you’ll be able to quantify and compare PPM levels to locate leaks that much quicker.

Visit the D-TEK Stratus page to discover more features and benefits.

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