A Day in the Role as a Service Engineer at INFICON Japan

Precision in Leak Detector Repairs

A. K._Service-Engineer_Japan_repair

Meet A. K., Service Engineer, based at our Service Center in Kasugai, Japan. A. K. joined our INFICON Japan team in January 2023. He makes sure our leak detectors work perfectly. He specializes in a range of gases including helium, hydrogen, multigas, forming gas, refrigerants, carbon dioxide and freon gas. A. K. has an extensive knowledge about these gases and understands all our diverse leak detectors in detail. His expertise is important in maintaining our reputation for providing reliable leak detection solutions and excellent service.

A Service Engineer's Role

A. K. begins his day by reviewing his schedule and checking his e-mail inbox. Then he starts inspecting the leak detectors, a crucial task in his role. It's very important for him to ensure timely and efficient repairs because he understands the urgency associated with this service. Customers are anxious to have their leak detector returned.

A. K._Service-Engineer_Japan_office
A. K._Service-Engineer_Japan_office

Therefore, we always look for opportunities to reduce the turn-around-time to return the repaired unit back to our customers as quickly as possible

A. K. works closely with our Japanese Application Engineers and the Sales team. He also collaborates with our global experts for leak detection which are our Application Engineers in Cologne, Germany, ensuring comprehensive support for our customers.

Customers typically send their leak detectors to our service center, where A. K. does the inspections and repairs. His dedication to detail ensures that each detector receives the precise attention it requires. A. K. makes sure that the leak detectors are in optimal working condition before they are returned to the customer. This process represents INFICON's commitment to providing reliable and timely solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs.

Service Process

When a customer requires assistance, they can reach out through various channels, including our website's contact form, send an email to our Sales and Service team, or directly call the Kasugai Service Center hotline, where A. K. is available to address their needs.

Typically, the majority of repairs take place at our Service Center. However, in certain cases where returning the leak detector isn't feasible due to operational downtime, A. K. goes the extra mile. He personally visits the customer's facility, ensuring a swift and effective on-site repair or inspection. A. K. strives to deliver reliable solutions tailored to individual customer requirements. One solution is having a service contract for preventive maintenance which reduces repairs and downtime for our customers. 

A. K._Service-Engineer_Japan_repair_leakdetector
A. K._Service-Engineer_Japan_repair_leakdetector
I like investigating and fixing leak detectors. At INFICON, I really enjoy the team spirit and support. This makes me feel at home.
A. K.
Service Engineer, Leak Detectors

The repair process at our Japan Service Center typically takes a minimum of about one week. However, the duration may vary depending on the specific components and the availability of replacement parts.

Once the repair is complete, A. K. returns to his desk to document the entire process. He outlines the initial issue, specifies the repairs conducted, and occasionally,  notes tips on how to avoid such damage in the future. After A. K. has completed the repair report he returns the leak detector to the customer, along with a detailed service report. This approach shows how we provide comprehensive and transparent service.

A. K._Service-Engineer_Japan_repair
A. K._Service-Engineer_Japan_repair
Our Service Offerings

A. K. is a another example of how we live our service offerings.

Expert Support

We provide expertise in applications and with equipment integration before and during use.


Our expert technicians fully inspect your instrument, providing repairs efficiently.


We offer on-site installation and process support from our experts.

Failure Analysis

We offer deeper analysis with results reported in a 8D report on request.  

Customer Feedback: Enhancing Service Excellence in the role of a Service Engineer

After A. K. has returned the leak detector to the customer our Service Administrator will reach out to the customer to ask for their feedback about our service and the device's performance. This feedback is very important for us, as it guides our ongoing efforts to consistently improve our service and products.

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