A Glimpse into Kazuki's Journey from Onboarding in 2016 until Now

Interview with Kazuki Yanagita, Application Engineer at INFICON Japan


1. What attracted you to INFICON and why did you decide to join the company?

I was attracted by the excellent education system INFICON Japan offers. At first, I was worried about my English ability and knowledge of the vacuum industry. However, because INFICON provides outside training and English education, I have many opportunities to grow, although the results depend on my own efforts. The content of the training may be decided by you or you may be introduced to it. Therefore, you can choose the training program that best suits your ability. Support from senior employees is also available, making it easy to consult with them.

2. Please tell us about your current job.

Vacuum gauges are used for different purposes by different customers. Therefore, when we receive an inquiry, we may not be able to solve the problem with knowledge of vacuum gauges alone. We also need to be knowledgeable about the customer's process and operating environment.
We also provide after-sales support and quality inspections.


3. Please tell us about the most memorable event that occurred after you joined INFICON.

The first year of training allows you to experience each department. This allows you to understand the products, markets, etc. in each department, and to gain knowledge and technical skills in each field.
It will be an advantage if you can become an engineer who is familiar with the products of other departments. I think it will improve the impression of INFICON from the customer's point of view.

It's an environment where you can acquire the necessary knowledge and technical skills through a comprehensive training system and support.
Kazuki Yanagita
Application Engineer

4. When (what kind of things) do you find your job attractive and rewarding?

Because of the small number of people in the organization, each person's responsibility can be heavy. In other words, however, it is an environment where people can be active on the front lines and take on new challenges. Although there are times when I fail, I feel rewarded when I accomplish something without giving up.


5. What kind of people would you like to have as colleagues to work with?

I would like to work with someone who can stay with the job to the end. In addition to that, time for a single job is limited, so efficiency and accuracy are important. I would like to work with someone who has the ability to think of and implement various innovations to achieve this.
I also think you will need to be able to adapt and keep changing with the environment. Since customers' requests vary, I think people who can think and act flexibly are attractive.

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