BoD Organizational Regulations

Objective and Scope

  1. These Organizational Regulations are based on Article 14 para. 2 of the Articles of Incorporation of INFICON Holding AG (the „Holding“) as well as the pertinent provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations (the „CO“).
  2. These Organizational Regulations regulate the competencies and functions of the executive bodies of the Holding with respect to the Holding and the INFICON group of companies (the „Group“).
  3. The executive bodies of the Holding and the Group, respectively, are:
    • the Board of Directors (Board)
    • the Group Management, consisting of CEO and CFO
Company__Corp Gov_Board of Directors
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of INFICON Holding AG comprises five non-executive members.

Company__Corp Gov_Management
Group Management

The Group Management consists of the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer.

Company__Corp Gov_Compensation

Further information on general and final provisions. 

Company__Corp Gov_Auditors
Charter Compensation and HR Committee

The CHRC is an expert committee of the Board of the Holding.

Company__Corp Gov_Information Policy
Charter Audit Committee (AC)

The AC is an expert committee formally appointed by the Board of the Holding.

Structure of the Group

INFICON Holding AG is a listed stock corporation headquartered in Bad Ragaz (Switzerland).