We are committed to providing excellent support and services for our products throughout Japan. 
Our main office is located in Kawasaki: Kanagawa Science Park (KSP), Japan's first urban science park located within 20 minutes from the city center Tokyo, and 35 minutes from Yokohama. The KSP has easy access and includes many leading companies and research institutes under the concept of "a base where R&D-type companies are born, natured, and interacted.”

Our teams are located in five local areas in Miyagi (Sales), Kanagawa (Sales and Service), Aichi (Sales and Service), Hiroshima (Sales and Service), Osaka (Sales), and Kumamoto (Sales) and serves customer support locally. 
We aim to establish local service in each sales office’s location to provide customer's support on site.

You can experience working in Japan from North to South locations, explore different cultures, technology and people. 
We welcome candidates looking for a U-turn job change and those looking for challenging work in local sites. We are especially interested in Professional who can drive "Challenge and Innovation" within our team.

Employee Development

We are strategically investing in our people, recognizing that they are the cornerstone of our development.

Group Training

We invite instructors from outside the company to create custom courses that match our business type and organization. The courses cover business skills for all employees and job functions, but we also offer our employees one- to two-day courses on communication skills, negotiation skills, leadership, EQ, career development, sales skills for salespeople, and presence management for the customer interface.

Individual Training 

Depending on individual needs and self-development, we support employees in taking a variety of courses, including open seminars outside the company, technical training, commuting, correspondence courses, e-Learning, overseas language training, and MBA. The courses are chosen voluntarily. For example, there are various "vacuum" courses for engineers, electrical and electronics, semiconductors, advanced technology, electronic circuits, networks, and software. There is also a wide range of courses such as Business English, English Conversation, TOEIC, English Accounting, Bookkeeping, Trade Practice, Social Insurance, Taxation, CPA, etc., which take time to learn, and ISO9001, Excel, Access, etc., which can be used immediately for business purposes.

Q: What type of people can play an active role at INFICON?

INFICON is characterized by a flat organizational structure in which the value of each individual employee is significant. We promote the transfer of authority, and provide an environment where people who are self-motivated and willing to take on challenges without fear of failure can play an active role. We also make quick decisions on proposals from employees, and there is little wait for a decision.

Q: What level of English proficiency is required?

Since the company is headquartered in Switzerland and its products are developed and manufactured abroad, English is essential for communication with the development department and marketing partners. However, you do not need to speak English like a native. If you are willing to communicate in English, you will naturally acquire the necessary English skills for your job through daily e-mails, phone calls, meetings, etc. The most important skill is to be able to explain things in a logical order that Westerners can easily understand. We will teach you how to do this. Because of the time difference, e-mails dominate our daily interactions, so you can rely on a dictionary until you get used to it, rather than answering verbally. Of course, if you are good at conversational English, there are plenty of opportunities to use this talent.

Q: What is the training program after joining INFICON?

We are proud of our extensive training programs for our employees. For example, our introductory training includes one week to one month of product and technical training at our overseas plants (in the U.S., Germany, and Liechtenstein), and also domestic training. In addition, our senior engineers will provide on-the-job training at their assigned sites to ensure that they acquire product knowledge and business skills. Depending on the skills of the individual, the trainees may also attend electrical, vacuum, or English language schools at the same time.

Q: What is INFICON's backup for skill development?

We believe that employee growth is the driving force behind our company's development, so we spare no expense in employee development, offering regular group training in MBO, communication skills, and various management skills, as well as up to 100,000 yen per person per year for self-development. In addition, some of the more expensive training programs, such as MBA, CPA, and interpreting certifications, are covered at 20% of the cost of the training.

Q: What are the characteristics of INFICON in terms of management and administration?

As a foreign-owned company, open management in the Western style is deeply rooted in the company. For this reason, all information, except personal information, is open to all employees. At the same time, we are committed to providing a full range of benefits and welfare programs based on our vision of being "a company that employees and their families can entrust with their well-being."

Benefits at INFICON in Japan

  • Flexible work place
  • Opportunities for further training and development
  • Exciting and challenging tasks
  • International Teams
  • Medical Support: Providing a medical check-up every year 
  • Comprehensive benefits (Club Activity Support )

Our locations in Japan


Kanagawa Science Park R&D D-7F
3-2-1 Sakado, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa


YTT Bldg.Annex
6-14-10 Futago, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa,


Oak Tree Sendai 1F
2-1-61Kakyoin, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi 


3-7-21 Nyoisaru-cho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi 


Esaka-toyu Bldg312
10-8 Hiroshiba-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka 


Higashi-Hiroshima Sea Place 5F
10-30 Saijyo-Sakae-machi, Higashi-Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 


1-28 Shin-Shigai, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 

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