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INFICON ISO-F quality fittings are manufactured according to ISO 1609, DIN 28404 and Pneurop 6606. Our quality large diameter fittings are the standard vacuum components for all vacuum and high vacuum lines. The high quality INFICON fittings are designed and tested for leak rates less than 1 x 10-9 mbar l/s.


  • Competitively priced
  • World wide logistics
  • Design and measures follow strictly international respected standards
  • Surface finish, welds, material specifications and cleanliness meet or exceed high vacuum specifications
  • 2011/65/EU RoHS compliant


TypeDimension ADimension BDimension CMaterial:
DN 63 ISO-F1295.5130Steel nickel plated -/1.0831
DN 80 ISO-F12110.5145Steel nickel plated -/1.0831
DN 100 ISO-F12130.5165Steel nickel plated -/1.0831
DN 160 ISO-F16180.7225Steel nickel plated -/1.0831
DN 200 ISO-F16240.7285Steel nickel plated -/1.0037
DN 250 ISO-F16290.7335Steel nickel plated -/1.0037
DN 320 ISO-F20370.8425Steel nickel plated -/1.0037
DN 400 ISO-F20450.8510Steel nickel plated -/1.0037
DN 500 ISO-F20550.8610Steel nickel plated -/1.0037
DN 630 ISO-F24691750Steel nickel plated -/1.0037
Part Number
Part Number
 Part NumberDescription
DN 100 ISO-F212-062Collar flange with retaining ring DN 100
DN 160 ISO-F212-063Collar flange with retaining ring DN 160
DN 200 ISO-F212-064Collar flange with retaining ring DN 200
DN 250 ISO-F212-065Collar flange with retaining ring DN 250
DN 320 ISO-F212-066Collar flange with retaining ring DN 320
DN 400 ISO-F212-067Collar flange with retaining ring DN 400
DN 500 ISO-F212-068Collar flange with retaining ring DN 500
DN 63 ISO-F212-061Collar flange with retaining ring DN 63
DN 630 ISO-F212-069Collar flange with retaining ring DN 630
DN 80 ISO-F212-081Collar flange with retaining ring DN 80


VSC150A absolute switch, passiv ZH
pdf 428,0 KB Chinese
VSD200 differential switch ZH
pdf 455,8 KB Chinese
真空计焊接法兰 ZH
pdf 365,5 KB Chinese
可旋转焊接法兰,不锈钢 304L ZH
pdf 370,3 KB Chinese
可旋转焊接法兰,不锈钢 316LN ZH
pdf 370,7 KB Chinese
焊接法兰,不锈钢 304L ZH
pdf 367,5 KB Chinese
焊接法兰,不锈钢 316LN ZH
pdf 367,5 KB Chinese
带螺纹孔的焊接法兰,不锈钢 304L ZH
pdf 361,1 KB Chinese
SKY® CDG025D 0.1 ... 1000 Torr / mbar ES
pdf 539,2 KB Spanish
SKY® CDG025D 0.1 ...1000 Torr / mbar JA
pdf 640,3 KB Japanese
SKY® CDG025D 0.1 ... 1,000 Torr/mbar KO
pdf 538,9 KB Korean
SKY® CDG025D 0.1 ... 1000 托 / 毫巴 ZH
pdf 619,9 KB Chinese
盲法兰 - 铝质 ZH
pdf 353,3 KB Chinese
盲法兰 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 356,3 KB Chinese
盲法兰 - 钢质 ZH
pdf 353,9 KB Chinese
中环 - 铝质 ZH
pdf 348,0 KB Chinese
中环 - 铝质、不锈钢 ZH
pdf 345,1 KB Chinese
带致密滤网的中环 - 铝质,SST ZH
pdf 373,2 KB Chinese
夹环 - 钢质 ZH
pdf 367,9 KB Chinese
夹环 - 不锈钢 316 ZH
pdf 368,8 KB Chinese
带密封槽的底板爪型夹环 - 钢质 ZH
pdf 357,2 KB Chinese
带槽的夹环法兰 - 钢质 ZH
pdf 349,3 KB Chinese
Porter CDG020D 10 ... 1000 托 / 毫巴 ZH
pdf 928,2 KB Chinese
Datasheet_PPG550 ATM to Medium Vacuum Gauge_zh-cn
pdf 903,3 KB Chinese
Datasheet_PPG570 ATM to Medium Vacuum Gauge plus ATM Switch_zh-cn
pdf 903,0 KB Chinese
保护盖 ZH
pdf 322,6 KB Chinese
保护盖 ZH
pdf 318,9 KB Chinese
pdf 1,0 MB Chinese
PSG5xx 大气压至中真空真空计 ZH
pdf 421,7 KB Chinese
pdf 326,5 KB Chinese
不带法兰的 PVC 软管 ZH
pdf 331,4 KB Chinese
快速扣紧夹环 ZH
pdf 346,8 KB Chinese
全金属快速扣紧夹环 ZH
pdf 403,6 KB Chinese
异径中环,不锈钢 303 ZH
pdf 295,9 KB Chinese
Reducer - Aluminum ZH
pdf 354,8 KB Chinese
异径管 CF-F / CF-R - 不锈钢 304L ZH
pdf 381,1 KB Chinese
爪型夹环 - 钢质 ZH
pdf 357,9 KB Chinese
四通 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 392,1 KB Chinese
90°弯头 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 380,9 KB Chinese
带管法兰 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 384,3 KB Chinese
带蝶形螺母的夹环 ZH
pdf 376,1 KB Chinese
中段连接管 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 352,4 KB Chinese
金属软管 ZH
pdf 315,7 KB Chinese
O 型环 CR / FPM ZH
pdf 315,3 KB Chinese
保护盖 ZH
pdf 325,0 KB Chinese
异径管 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 365,3 KB Chinese
异径四通 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 404,1 KB Chinese
异径管三通 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 367,7 KB Chinese
三通 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 373,4 KB Chinese
焊接法兰 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 351,7 KB Chinese
焊接法兰 - 钢质 ZH
pdf 347,7 KB Chinese
焊接法兰 - 钢质 A570 ZH
pdf 347,7 KB Chinese
pdf 578,8 KB Chinese
直线运动馈入装置 CF ZH
pdf 398,6 KB Chinese
液体馈入装置 ISO-KF & CF-F ZH
pdf 288,9 KB Chinese
MAG050 MAG060 冷阴极测量仪 - 被动 ZH
pdf 447,9 KB Chinese
测量法兰 - 铝质 ZH
pdf 351,5 KB Chinese
测量法兰 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 302,0 KB Chinese
金属陶瓷连接 2kV 至 10kV ZH
pdf 343,5 KB Chinese
柔性金属软管 ZH
pdf 350,3 KB Chinese
柔性金属软管 ZH
pdf 339,0 KB Chinese
Modul1000 Helium Leak Detector ZH
pdf 149,5 KB Chinese
pdf 371,0 KB Chinese
pdf 3,8 MB Chinese
Multigas-Sniffer-Leak Detector Ecotec E3000 ZH
pdf 367,8 KB Chinese
Augent™ OPG550 Optical Plasma Vacuum Gauge ZH
pdf 902,3 KB Chinese
O-Ring CR ZH
pdf 282,0 KB Chinese
pdf 281,9 KB Chinese
pdf 313,1 KB Chinese
pdf 180,6 KB Chinese
pdf 59,5 KB Chinese
pdf 59,5 KB Chinese
pdf 1,0 MB Chinese
pdf 615,5 KB Chinese
pdf 454,3 KB Chinese
异径管 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 365,8 KB Chinese
异径中环,铝质 ZH
pdf 294,6 KB Chinese
异径四通 - 铝质 ZH
pdf 382,4 KB Chinese
异径四通 - 不锈钢 304L ZH
pdf 400,9 KB Chinese
异径四通 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 384,4 KB Chinese
异径法兰 CF-F / CF-F - 不锈钢 316LN ZH
pdf 361,6 KB Chinese
异径法兰 CF-F / CF-F - 不锈钢 304L ZH
pdf 367,1 KB Chinese
异径管三通 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 354,1 KB Chinese
Sensistor ISH2000 HySpeed, Hydrogen Leak Detector ZH
pdf 358,8 KB Chinese
带软管夹环的套管 ZH
pdf 394,5 KB Chinese
带软管夹环的套管 ZH
pdf 374,6 KB Chinese
转接法兰 ISO-K / ISO-KF - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 300,2 KB Chinese
Stripe CDG100Dhs 0.1 ...1000 托/毫巴 ZH
pdf 728,7 KB Chinese
铝密封加固件 ZH
pdf 281,4 KB Chinese
Tee - Aluminum ZH
pdf 359,1 KB Chinese
三通 - 不锈钢 304L ZH
pdf 375,5 KB Chinese
三通 - 不锈钢 ZH
pdf 356,4 KB Chinese
T-Guard Leak Detection Sensor ZH
pdf 224,9 KB Chinese
pdf 546,6 KB Chinese
Transpector CPM Compact Process Monitor ZH
pdf 285,0 KB Chinese
真空_润滑_油 ZH
pdf 282,3 KB Chinese
pdf 748,2 KB Chinese
pdf 497,1 KB Chinese
VSA100A differential to ambient ZH
pdf 355,9 KB Chinese
VSA200 absolute switch ZH
pdf 469,9 KB Chinese