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Gemini™ MxG5xx
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Gemini™ MxG5xx
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INFICON ISO-KF fittings are manufactured according to ISO 2861/1, DIN 28403 and Pneurop 6606. Our quality fittings are the standard components for all vacuum and high vacuum applications. The high quality INFICON components are designed and tested for leak rates less than 1 x 10-9 mbar l/s.


  • Competitively priced
  • World wide logistics
  • Design and measures follow strictly international respected standards
  • Surface finish, welds, material specifications and cleanliness meet or exceed high vacuum specifications
  • 2011/65/EU RoHS compliant


 Dimension ADimension BDimension CDimension D
DN16 ISO-KF/ ⅛" NPT19 mm10 mm12 mm⅛-27 NPT
DN16 ISO-KF/ ¼" NPT19 mm13 mm15 mm¼-18 NPT
DN25 ISO-KF/ ⅛" NPT19 mm10 mm12 mm⅛-27 NPT
DN25 ISO-KF/ ¼" NPT19 mm13 mm15 mm¼-18 NPT
DN25 ISO-KF/ ½" NPT26 mm18 mm25 mm½-14 NPT
DN25 ISO-KF/ 1" NPT42 mm24 mm25 mm1-11 ½ NPT
DN40 ISO-KF/ ¼" NPT19 mm13 mm15 mm¼-18 NPT
DN40 ISO-KF/ ½" NPT26 mm18 mm25 mm½-14 NPT
DN40 ISO-KF/ 1" NPT26 mm23 mm29 mm1-11 ½ NPT

Width across flats in inch

Material: stainless steel 303/1.4305


Dimension Drawing

Dimension Drawing
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Part Number

 Part NumberDescription
DN16 ISO-KF/ ⅛" NPT211-566Adaptor, DN16 ISO-KF/ ⅛" NPT, female
DN16 ISO-KF/ ¼" NPT211-567Adaptor, DN16 ISO-KF/ ¼" NPT, female
DN25 ISO-KF/ ⅛" NPT211-569Adaptor, DN25 ISO-KF/ ⅛" NPT, female
DN25 ISO-KF/ ¼" NPT211-570Adaptor, DN25 ISO-KF/ ¼" NPT, female
DN25 ISO-KF/ ½" NPT211-571Adaptor, DN25 ISO-KF/ ½" NPT, female
DN25 ISO-KF/ 1" NPT211-572Adaptor, DN25 ISO-KF/ 1" NPT, female
DN40 ISO-KF/ ¼" NPT211-574Adaptor, DN40 ISO-KF/ ¼" NPT, female
DN40 ISO-KF/ ½" NPT211-575Adaptor, DN40 ISO-KF/ ½" NPT, female
DN40 ISO-KF/ 1" NPT211-576Adaptor, DN40 ISO-KF/ 1" NPT, female
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