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INFICON offers a variety of Quartz Crystal Monitor (QCM) sensor feedthroughs to accommodate many QCM sensor and chamber configurations. 

CF40 (2.75 in. ConFlat®) and 2.54 cm (1 in.) bolt style feedthroughs are available with various combinations of electrical connections, water cooling, and air tubes. INFICON feedthroughs may also be equipped with Ultra-Torr O-ring compression fittings for easy installation and sensor length adjustment. Other feedthrough styles may be available on request (KF40, etc), so contact INFICON with your feedthrough needs.

Unless noted, a typical feedthrough electrical connection consists of a coaxial BNC connector on the atmosphere side and a Microdot® connector on the vacuum side. This style of electrical connection is meant for use with in-vacuum cable sensors such as INFICON Front Load single, Front Load dual, Sputtering, CrystalSix, and Crystal 12 sensors.

Note: Feedthrough water and air tubes are 4.8 mm (3/16 in.) OD.

Sensor Type

Quick reference for feedthrough requirements and part numbers based on sensor type

 RequirementsPart Number
Sensor TypeNumber of Coax Number of TubesCF40                CF40 with Ultra-Torr2.54 cm (1 in.) Bolt2.54  cm (1 in.) Bolt with Ultra-Torr
Single with Shutter13750-685-G1750-685-G2750-030-G1Contact Factory
Dual23002-080206-890-G2750-707-G1Contact Factory
CrystallSix or 
Crystall 12
13750-685-G1750-685-G1750-030-G1Contact Factory

CrystallSix or 
Crystall 12 

with shutter

14750-683-G1N/AContact FactoryN/A


  • 2.54 cm (1 in.) bolt or CF40 (2.75 in. ConFlat®) styles available
  • Available Ultra-Torr O-ring compression fittings
  • Custom feedthrough configurations available
  • Other feedthrough styles available on request

Part Number

Part NumberDescription
2.54 cm (1 in.) Bolt Feedthroughs(Includes VITON® O-ring)
002-0421 in. Bolt Feedthrough, 1 Coax, 2 Tubes
750-030-G11 in. Bolt Feedthrough, 1 Coax, 3 Tubes
750-707-G11 in. Bolt Feedthrough, 2 Coax, 3 Tubes
750-624-G11 in. Bolt Feedthrough, 1 Coax, 2 Tubes
783-501-0131 in. Bolt Feedthrough, 1 Coax, 2 Tubes, Ultra-Torr O-ring compression fittings
CF40 (2.75 in. ConFlat) Feedthroughs(Includes copper gasket)
002-043CF40 Feedthrough, 1 Coax, 2 Tubes
750-685-G1CF40 Feedthrough, 1 Coax,3 Tubes
002-080CF40 Feedthrough, 2 Coax, 3 Tubes
750-683-G1CF40 Feedthrough, 1 Coax, 4 Tubes
206-878-G2CF40 Feedthrough, 1 Coax, 2 Tubes, Ultra-Torr O-ring compression fittings
750-685-G2CF40 Feedthrough, 1 Coax, 3 Tubes, Ultra-Torr O-ring compression fittings
206-890-G2CF40 Feedthrough, 2 Coax, 3 Tubes, Ultra-Torr O-ring compression fittings
KF40 Feedthroughs(Does not include centering ring or clamp)
130246KF40 Feedthrough, 1 Coax, 2 Tubes
130239KF40 Feedthrough, 1 Coax, 3 Tubes


Spare Parts
Clamping Ring with Wing NutClamping Ring with Wing Nut
Part NumberDescription
002-064Quad Ring Gasket, VITON®, CF40
012-328Gasket, Copper, CF40
070-0237O-ring, VITON®, 2.54 cm (1 in.) bolt
211-003Clamping ring DN 32-40 ISO-KF
211-070Centering ring DN 40 ISO-KF,SS/FPM
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