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Factory Dashboard

Actionable Information from a Real-Time Factory View

The FPS Factory Dashboard is the principal operations reporting tool used by industry-leading fabs around the world.

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See the Right Information - Create the Right Schedule - Make the Right Moves

Everything You Need to Know About Now

Our Factory Dashboard application is designed to provide a user-friendly and concise overview of the factory's real time status and priorities. It can be made available to anyone on the company intranet and does not require users to download special software. The Factory Dashboard has content targeted for all fab users from Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, Planning and Development.

The Factory Dashboard lets you know where to focus your efforts at a quick glance. It provides visibility of operations, maintenance, and engineering activities to everyone from managers to engineers to operators. Dashboard enables immediate action to correct issues, and specific features can be password-protected or limited to certain users.

Factory Dashboard_Everything you need to know about now

Real-Time Information

  • Activities
  • Work in Process (WIP)
  • Starts and Outs
  • Machine Status
  • Goal Tracking
  • Machine Issues and Scraps
  • Priority Lots
  • Rework
  • And more...


  • Enables quick response to machine and WIP issues
  • Increases all factory personnel awareness
  • Improves reaction time of personnel
  • Improves alignment of operations with planning
  • Reduces data gathering time across the board
  • Improves tool logging
  • Impresses auditors and customers
  • Improves ability to adapt to changes in demand
  • Enables the capability for other productivity improvement projects

Real Time Bottleneck Identification and Ranking

The Factory Dashboard incorporates production targets in order to identify and rank bottleneck tools in real time. It is easy to quickly see which equipment types might have trouble meeting their goals for the shift, and direct action based on the information.

Equipment Insight

In addition to all Operations-related info, the Dashboard includes comprehensive equipment and maintenance information. Managers can quickly see down tools, useful summary statistics such as the coefficient of variation of availability by equipment type, as well as upcoming PMs.

The maintenance view shows a calendar view of PMs with clear indications of when they are due and overdue. It also allows scheduling or rescheduling maintenance events, directly from the UI, which many of our customers find to be an invaluable feature in their daily planning meetings.

Factory Dashboard_Equipment Insight

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