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HIGH FLOW Technology for Highest Measurement Certainty and Fastest Throughput


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XL3000flex sniffer leak detector is the first device to detect leaks with forming gas (95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen) as accurately as with helium, with a smallest detectable leak rate of 1 ∙ 10-7 mbar∙l/s for both test gases.

The XL3000flex provides the best flexibility to choose the test gas which is easiest to obtain according to lower cost. In addition, the XL3000flex uses the INFICON High Flow Technology: the device operates with a gas flow of 3000 sccm - the highest gas flow available on the market today. This allows the sniffer tip to be moved over the test piece at some distance and at a higher speed, so even the most inexperienced operators can achieve reliable results with the XL3000flex.

An additional advantage of the high gas flow is that it is the only way to enable reliable robotic sniffer leak testing.


  • INFICON High Flow Technology
  • enables unmatched measurement certainty - stop missing leaks!
  • finds leaks even in hard to access areas
  • helps unexperienced operators to reliably locate leaks
  • creates highest througput testing
  • is ideally suited for robotic testing  - allows for maximum transversal speed even at some distance to the part
  • Minimize your operating cost - select the tracer gas of your choice!
  • Foolproof handling for manual leak detection process
  • redundant leak alarms - leaks cannot be overlooked!
  • ergonomically designed sniffer probe with Display - user can concentrate on the sniffing process and monitor the leakage rate simultaneously
  • Easy integration options for robot applications with Fieldbus Interface

Typical Applications

Manual or automated leak testing for Sub-assembly and midproduction of: 

  • Refrigerators 
  • Freezers 
  • Air conditioners 
  • Automotive air conditioners 
  • Heating and Ventilation 
  • RAC components 
  • Automotive components and similar products. 


Minimum detectable leak ratembar•L/s2E-7 (low flow)
2E-6 (high flow)
Gas flowsccm300 (low flow)
3000 (high flow)
Measurable gases Helium, H2
Response time <1 s
Part Number
520-200Sniffer Leak detector XL3000flex
521-035Adapter customer sniffer line P3000XL
520-201Sniffer Leak Detector XL3000flexRC
12339External Sniffer Test Leak H2/HeCal leak
521-015Adapter customer sniffer line P3000XL
521-016Oil / Water Protection Tip for SL3000XL
521-017Filter for Oil/Water Protection Tip
521-018Sniffer tip ST312XL, 120 mm, rigid
521-019Sniffer tip FT312XL, 120 mm, flexible
521-020Sniffer tip ST385XL, 385 mm, rigid
521-021Sniffer tip FT385XL, 385 mm, flexible
521-022Sniffer tip FT250XL, 250 mm, flexible
521-035Adapter customer sniffer line P3000XL
560-310I/O 1000 module
560-315BM1000 Profibus module
560-316BM1000 PROFINET IO module
560-317BM1000 DeviceNet module
560-318BM1000 Ethernet/IP module
521-011SL3000XL-3, 3m length
521-012SL3000XL-5, 5m length
521-013SL3000XL-10, 10m length
521-014SL3000XL-15, 15m length
12237Test leak for Helium S-TL4
12322CAl leak, Forming Gas 5%H2
12339External Sniffer Test Leak H2/HeCal leak


XL3000flex 氦和氢检漏仪
pdf 704,5 KB Chinese
XL3000flex Lecksucher für Helium und Wasserstoff
pdf 581,4 KB German
3D Roboter Dichtheitsprüfung
pdf 2,7 MB German
3D Robotic leak testing
pdf 4,2 MB English
Ecotec E3000 自動車産業でのリーク検査
pdf 3,7 MB Japanese
I-Tip Schnüffelspitze
pdf 2,6 MB German
I-Tip Sniffer Tips
pdf 2,6 MB English
I-Tip: puntas de aspiración
pdf 516,0 KB Spanish
I-Tip: 创新吸枪探尖
pdf 5,2 MB Chinese
Leak Testing in the Automotive Industry
pdf 2,4 MB German
Leak Testing in the Automotive Industry
pdf 2,4 MB English
Pruebas de fuga en la industria automotriz
pdf 2,5 MB Spanish
Sistema de detección de fugas robótico 3D
pdf 346,6 KB Spanish
XL3000flex (Russian)
pdf 680,9 KB Russian
XL3000flex Detector de fugas para helio e hidrógeno
pdf 579,7 KB Spanish
XL3000flex Helium and Hydrogen Leak Detector
pdf 584,2 KB English
XL3000flex Hledač netěsností pro helium a vodík
pdf 578,2 KB Czech
XL3000flex Pesquisador de vazamentos para hélio e hidrogênio
pdf 581,0 KB Portuguese
XL3000flex Rilevatore di perdite per elio e idrogeno
pdf 579,8 KB Italian
XL3000flex Wykrywacz nieszczelności dla helu i wodoru
pdf 632,9 KB Polish
XL3000flex ヘリウムと水素のリ ークディテクタ 最
pdf 856,7 KB Japanese
XL3000flex 헬륨 및 수소 누설 탐지기
pdf 612,6 KB Korean
pdf 665,8 KB Chinese
pdf 5,5 MB Chinese
자동차 산업의 누설 검사
pdf 2,4 MB Korean
XL3000flex Kurzanleitung
pdf 1,1 MB German
XL3000flex Short instruction
pdf 1,1 MB English
XL3000flex Краткое руководство
pdf 1,1 MB Russian
Operation Manual Test Leak for Sniffer Leak Detection
pdf 160,2 KB English
Prüfleck S-TL Betriebsanleitung
pdf 163,2 KB German
SL3000 Betriebsanleitung
pdf 1,9 MB German
SL3000 Notice d´utilisation
pdf 1,8 MB French
SL3000XL Betriebsanleitung
pdf 1,8 MB German
SL3000XL Notice d´utilisation
pdf 1,8 MB French
SL3000XL Operating instructions
pdf 1,8 MB English
XL3000flex Betriebsanleitung
pdf 5,7 MB German
XL3000flex Brève instruction
pdf 1,1 MB French
XL3000flex Brevi istruzioni
pdf 1,1 MB Italian
XL3000flex Instrucciones breves
pdf 1,1 MB Spanish
XL3000flex Instrucciones de operación
pdf 5,7 MB Spanish
XL3000flex Instruções breves
pdf 1,1 MB Portuguese
XL3000flex Instruções de operacaoçã
pdf 5,7 MB Portuguese
XL3000flex Instrukcja obsługi
pdf 5,7 MB Polish
XL3000flex Krátké instrukce
pdf 1,1 MB Czech
XL3000flex Krótkie instrukcje
pdf 1,1 MB Polish
XL3000flex Krótkie instrukcje
pdf 1,1 MB Polish
XL3000flex Manuale d'uso
pdf 5,7 MB Italian
XL3000flex Návodu k obsluze
pdf 5,7 MB Czech
XL3000flex Notice d'utilisation
pdf 5,7 MB French
XL3000flex Operating instructions
pdf 5,7 MB English
XL3000flex クイックガイド Short instruction
pdf 1,1 MB Japanese
XL3000flex 取扱説明書 Operating instructions
pdf 5,8 MB Japanese
XL3000flex 快速指南 Short instruction
pdf 1,1 MB Chinese
XL3000flex 操作说明书n Operating instructions
pdf 5,8 MB Chinese
XL3000flex 빠른 가이드 Short instruction
pdf 1,2 MB Korean
XL3000flex 사용 설명서 Operating instructions
pdf 5,5 MB Korean
pdf 6,1 MB Russian