ELT3000 PLUS electrolyte leak detector sets new standards for inline testing in automated high-speed battery production lines and ensures non-destructive battery leak testing of liquid electrolyte-filled battery cells of all formats.


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Precise down to micrometer, highly sensitive and significantly faster

From powering electric and fuel cell vehicles to powering mobile communication devices, power tools and medical equipment, metal-ion batteries, like lithium-ion, sodium-ion or even aluminium-ion batteries, are essential to our everyday lives. That's why it's just as important to prevent metal-ion battery leakage as it is to prevent moisture ingress from any leaks to ensure safety, longevity and reliability.  


Detecting lithium-ion battery leaks down the micrometer range

With the ELT3000 PLUS Battery Electrolyte Leak Detector, INFICON offers a unique, non-destructive leak testing solution for all metal-ion battery cells, including fragile pouch cells. It is the only system that detects electrolyte leakage directly, rather than through indirect parameters (like pressure changes). Based on mass spectrometer technology, it can find leaks down to the micrometer range, up to 1,000 times smaller than the ones found with traditional pressure test methods.    


Automating the process for high throughput end-of-line testing

The modular design and modern field bus interfaces make it easy to integrate the ELT3000 PLUS into your automated processes. Short cycle times, customized test chambers and optional batch testing of several battery cells at a time ensure high throughput end-of-line testing. Testing results are recorded for full traceability and can be handed over to a QM system automatically.   

Advantages at a glance

  • High-speed throughput due to short measurement times and simultaneous testing
  • Integration capability in automated production lines due to a large selection of interfaces
  • Quality through innovative end-of-line testing
  • High operational readiness due to integrated gross leak detection:  ELT3000 PLUS is protected from severe contaminations
  • Universally capable
  • Inline mode for easy integration into automated processes
  • Stand-alone mode for manual operation, such as in battery development or pilot projects
  • Standard, customized chamber for manual operation
  • Intuitive operation, no time-consuming training required

Typical Applications


  • Automotive
  • 3C  (Computing, Communication, Consumer Electronics Industry)
  • Energy storage

Manual or automated leak testing of lithium-ion battery cells

  • Soft pouch cells
  • Prismatic cells
  • Round cells
  • Coin cells / button cells
  • Super capacitors


Smallest detectable leak rate5x10-7mbar·l/s (Helium equivalent leak rate)
Measuring range3 Decades
Detection sensorQuadropole mass spectrometer (2 cathodes)
Serial interfacesUSB 2.0; M12 (for connection I/O1000); RJ45 (network connection)
Part Number
600-201ELT3000 PLUS Battery Leak Detector, 230 V, 50 Hz
600-202ELT3000 PLUS Battery Leak Detector, 115 V, 60 Hz
600-100TC3000S rigid chamber (350mm x 280mm x 200 mm)
600-101TC3000L rigid chamber (400mm x 210mm x 120mm)
600-102FTC3000, flexible chamber (400mm x 350 mm)
560-310I/O 1000 module
560-315BM1000 PROFIBUS module
560-316BM1000 PROFINET IO module
560-317BM1000 DeviceNet module
560-318BM1000 Ethernet/IP module
560-332Data Cable 2 m
560-335Data Cable 5 m
560-340Data Cable 10 m
600-105E-Check Calibration Leak


ELT3000 PLUS Használati utasítások
pdf 3,6 MB Hungarian Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS instrucciones de operación
pdf 3,6 MB Spanish Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS Manuale d'uso
pdf 3,6 MB Italian Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS 取扱説明書
pdf 3,6 MB Japanese Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS 사용 설명서
pdf 3,7 MB Korean Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS Tester wycieku baterii
pdf 3,6 MB Polish Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS Tester de scurgere a baterie
pdf 3,6 MB Romanian Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS 电池泄漏测试仪
pdf 3,7 MB Chinese Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS Bedienungsanleitung
pdf 3,6 MB German Operating Manual
TC3000S Small rigid test chamber
pdf 1,4 MB German Operating Manual
FTC3000 Betriebsanleitung
pdf 4,8 MB German Operating Manual
TC3000L Large rigid test chamber
pdf 12,6 MB German Operating Manual
TC3000S Small rigid test chamber
pdf 1,5 MB Chinese Operating Manual
FTC3000, Flexible chamber
pdf 4,8 MB Chinese Operating Manual
TC3000S Small rigid test chamber
pdf 1,4 MB Spanish Operating Manual
FTC3000, Flexible chamber
pdf 4,7 MB Spanish Operating Manual
FTC3000, Flexible chamber
pdf 4,8 MB Japanese Operating Manual
TC3000S Small rigid test chamber
pdf 1,4 MB Korean Operating Manual
FTC3000, Flexible chamber
pdf 4,8 MB Korean Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS Notice d'utilisation
pdf 3,6 MB French Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS Návodu k obsluze
pdf 3,6 MB Czech Operating Manual
E-Check Gebrauchsanleitung
pdf 1,2 MB German Operating Manual
E-Check Használati útmutató
pdf 1,2 MB Hungarian Operating Manual
E-Check Instrucciones de uso
pdf 1,2 MB Spanish Operating Manual
E-Check instructions de fonctionnement
pdf 1,2 MB French Operating Manual
E-Check Instrucțiuni de utilizare
pdf 1,2 MB Romanian Operating Manual
E-Check Instrukcja obsługi
pdf 1,2 MB Polish Operating Manual
E-Check Manuale d'uso
pdf 1,2 MB Italian Operating Manual
E-Check Návod k použití
pdf 1,2 MB Czech Operating Manual
E-Check Operating instructions
pdf 1,2 MB English Operating Manual
E-Check 使用説明書
pdf 1,2 MB Japanese Operating Manual
E-Check 的校准泄漏
pdf 1,2 MB Chinese Operating Manual
E-Check 사용 지침
pdf 1,2 MB Korean Operating Manual
ELT3000 Interface Description
pdf 893,1 KB French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Czech, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian, Romanian Operating Manual
ELT3000 PLUS Operating instructions
pdf 3,6 MB English Operating Manual
FTC3000, Flexible chamber
pdf 4,7 MB English Operating Manual
FTC3000, Flexible chamber (Czech)
pdf 4,7 MB Czech Operating Manual
FTC3000, Flexible chamber (French)
pdf 4,8 MB French Operating Manual