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Calibration Leaks for System Integration


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Manufacturers of helium leak testing systems require
calibrated leaks of various sizes with individually adjusted
leak rates for the purpose of setting up and calibrating their systems.
Depending on the type of application, these calibrated
leaks are either installed in the test sample as a master leak or are installed in the test chamber itself.
INFICON offers calibrated leaks which are capable of meeting the requirements
concerning type and required leak rate.

These types of calibrated leaks are only available on request. Please use the
Order Form on the webpage to get a feedback about
feasibility and to get all important information for the order.


  • Various types adapted to different customer requirements
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal installations dimensions
  • All calibration leaks are supplied with a factory certificate indicating their leak rate

Typical Applications

  • As a master calibration leak built directly into the test sample
  • Directly installed to the test chamber
  • Use as a calibration leak for sniffer applications

Part Number

14300Calib leak,screw-in sleeve 5mm
14304Calibration leak, Pin type casing and VCO fitting
14308Calibration leak, pin-type casing and hose nozzle
14312Calibration leak, cylindrical casing and VCO fitting
14316Calibbration leak, screw-in sleeve 6mm
14320Calibration screw-in leak
15565Calibration leak, pin-type casing and hose nozzle, TL4
15566Calibration leak, pin-type casing and hose nozzle, TL6