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The INFICON Transpector® Single Pressure Sampling (SPS) Residual Gas Analyzer provides the best semi wafer and display panel protection for targeted high pressure processes. Transpector SPS minimizes wafer and panel scrap with the most sensitive air leak and process contamination detection for single pressure applications. It delivers both industry-leading detection limits and measurement speeds to ensure both the quality and number of wafer and panel outs. 

Transpector SPS maximizes process throughput and yield by providing the most reliable process monitoring for stable, high pressure processes. The instrument combines a simple and cost effective inlet system, with a field-proven ion source and pumping package to provide a low risk and high reward gas analysis solution. Ideal for general vacuum and industrial applications, the Transpector SPS is a proven solution for metallurgy and heat treat applications like Vacuum Arc Re-melting (VAR). Transpector SPS is configurable and may be tailored to specific applications and budgets. Standard orifice, capillary and bypass line combinations may be selected for sampling process pressures from 1E-4 Torr to atmosphere. The corrosive resistant inlet, ion source, and pumping package are designed for survivability in etch, CVD, ALD and other aggressive gas processes.


  • Minimize total cost of ownership for wafer and panel protection with single pressure sampling inlet; Ideal for high pressure processes such as Diffusion, Epitaxy, and RTP
  • Provides the lowest level air leak and contamination detection for constant high pressure processes
  • Seamless fab integration and reliable interdiction through powerful data acquisition and synchronization
  • Enhances unique manufacturing capabilities with tailored recipe optimization
  • Protects critical process needs with immediate on-site response from experts

Typical Applications

  • PVD processes
  • Diffusion and epitaxy processes
  • Etch processes including: metal, dielectric, silicon etch, HDP-etch
  • CVD processes including: high k dielectrics, HDP-CVD, LP-CVD, SA-CVD, CVD Low k, PE-CVD


Total Pressure Range5E-7 to 1E-3 Torr (6.6E-7 to 1.3E-3 mbar)
Detection Limit<1 ppm
Process Pressure Range (with orifices/capillary)1E-4 Torr to 1.2 atmospheres
Sensitivity (@ Low Emission, FC mode)>4.0E-6 amps/Torr (>3E-6 amps/mbar)
Sensitivity (@ High Emission, FC mode)>2.0E-5 amps/Torr (>1.5E-5 amps/mbar)
Total Pressure Range5E-7 to 1E-3 Torr (6.6E-7 to 1.3E-3 mbar)
Detection Limit<2 ppm
Process Pressure Range (with orifices/capillary)1E-4 Torr to 1.2 atmospheres
Sensitivity (@ Low Emission, FC mode)>2.0E-6 amps/Torr (>1.5E-6 amps/mbar)
Sensitivity (@ High Emission, FC mode)>1.0E-5 amps/Torr (>7.6E-6 amps/mbar)
Total Pressure Range5E-7 to 1E-3 Torr (6.6E-7 to 1.3E-3 mbar)
Detection Limit<4 ppm
Process Pressure Range (with orifices/capillary)1E-4 Torr to 1.2 atmospheres
Sensitivity (@ Low Emission, FC mode)>1.0E-6 amps/Torr (>7.6E-7 amps/mbar)
Sensitivity (@ High Emission, FC mode)>5.0E-6 amps/Torr (>3.8E-6 amps/mbar)
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