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The INFICON Augent® Optical Plasma Gauge is a compact and intelligent solution for vacuum monitoring. 

Augent combines two sensor technologies into one compact device for gas type monitoring from 1 x 10-7 to 5 mbar and to measure total pressure from 1 x 10-7 mbar to atmosphere at the same time. Augent is protected by an integrated Pirani sensor to switch off plasma above 20 mbar. The fast optical measurement principle allows the detection of in principle any type of gas.


  • High speed leak detection allows chamber leak test
  • Increase of productivity and yield    
  • Long life time, no filament burns, air inrush protection
  • Withstand process chemistry
  • Smart algorithm for easy integration 
  • Compact design and small footprint  
  • Reliable and fast start up 

Typical Applications

  • Chamber leak check, faster RoR (rate of rise) test
  • Leak check to find internal leaks from gas supply lines
  • Real time end point control
  • Gas type and concentrations control
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How to clean the sensor?
How to replace the sensor?


Measurement range N2mbar

1×10-7 … 5
(7.6×10-8 … 3.8)


Accuracy total pressure reading N2  
1 x 10-7 ... 100 mbar% of reading30
100 ... 1000 mbar% of reading50
Repeatability total pressure reading N2  
1 x 10-7 ... 100 mbar% of reading5
Operation (ambient)°C+5 … +50
Storage°C-20 … +70
Bakeout at flange with electronic unit°C<80
Bakeout at flange w/o electronic unit°C<120
Supply voltage  
At gaugeV (dc)+14.5 … +30
RippleV (p-p)<1
Power consumptionW<5
Fuse to be connectedAT1
Materials exposed to vacuum  
GeneralGeneralAl2O3, Stainless seel 1.4435
Ionization chamberIonization chamberTitanium, stainless steel 1.4016
Ignition aidIgnition aidStainless steel 1.4310
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Part Number
Spare Parts
Part NumberDescription
3OF0-011-010POPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,16KF
3OF0-013-010POPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,16CF-R
3OF0-01E-010POPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,8-VCR f
3OF1-016-010POPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,25KF
3OF1-017-010POPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,40KF
3OF1-01Q-010POPG550 TI,LC,9DSub,40CF-F
Part NumberDescription
303-333Diagnostic cable for Diagnostic Port (RS232), 2 m
351-05124 V (dc) power supply with analog out and RS232 line
351-052Optical window cleaning kit (for gauges with PN 3OF1-xxx-xxxx)
Part NumberDescription
351-594Replacement sensor DN ISO 16 KF
351- 595Replacement sensor DN 16 CF-R
351-597Replacement sensor DN ISO 25 KF
351-598Replacement sensor DN ISO 40 KF
351-599Replacement sensor DN ISO 40 CF-F
351-596Replacement sensor 8 VCR female
351-055Spare ion chamber TI - OPG550
351-995MxG40x/50x, OPG550 Spare parts ignition aid (10)

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Industrial Manufacturing

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Pharma & Medical

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