Smart Accessories for Smart Leak Detection

SMART-Spray, I·BOOST and SPRAY-Check

INFICON releases new, smart accessories to the UL leak detectors family. These new tools reduce leak test times and allow for precise, reliable measurement results with faster response times in all measuring ranges.

Take leak detection to a new level with SMART-Spray, I-BOOST and SPRAY-Check.

UL accessories_with_SMART-Spray
UL accessories_with_SMART-Spray


The new SMART-Spray from INFICON eliminates hoses, hassle and risk of error making leak detection even more flexible. Handling large helium gas cylinders, working with hoses, and adjusting the helium spray flow manually can be cumbersome and time-consuming. SMART-Spray makes your leak detection much faster, easier and more reliable. The SMART-Spray is compatible with all UL leak detectors.


  • maximum flexibility and easy handling without a hose
  • precisely predefined helium quantity for optimum helium flow
  • maximum helium savings and low background increase 
  • refillable mini cartridges (HeliCan 50 or 405 ml) with more than 1.000 sprays for 8 hours of operation 
  • integrated color display showing readiness for use, helium spray duration and leak rate 
  • remote control of your leak detector 
  • integrated light function for use in darker leak testing areas 
  • USB port and replaceable battery


SPRAY-Check is a reference leak for reliable verification of functionality and operational readiness during leak detection. Simple to install, it offers a reliable check in the relevant range of 10-9 to 10-8 mbar l/s.


  • can be placed on the vacuum chamber or directly on the leak detector 
  • only permeable for test gases such as helium, no contamination of the test chamber 
  • particularly fast and reliable check for leaks in measuring ranges of less than 10-7 mbar l/s


I·BOOST is a software solution that helps to save up to 50% of time, increasing performance and reducing cycle time. It allows to achieve fast and highly precise measurement results thanks to extremely short response times for a wide range of chamber volumes. Compatible with UL3000 Fab and UL6000 Fab series of leak detectors.


  • accelerated leak rate signal for even faster leak tests 
  • next test points can be sprayed in less time 
  • virtual pump-down times of up to several hundred liter per second 
  • individually adjustable speeds for optimum system conditions

Release date

The new accessories will be available for sale starting spring 2024.

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