Shattering Stereotypes

... or a Women's Journey in the Tech World. 

In a world characterized by technological advancement and economic growth, women play a crucial role in the technology industry. 

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The path for women in this field is often fraught with obstacles, ranging from gender stereotypes to structural barriers in the workplace. We would like to introduce you to four women at INFICON who have chosen the path towards a technical career.

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women-stem-frauen-mint-inficon-liechtenstein (4)

Women Pioneering Tech at INFICON*

Some women, like Valeria, who was interested in technology as a child and enjoyed tinkering, have successfully made their way in the world of technology. Valeria touchs on that self-confidence is extremely important, especially when you unexpectedly appear as a technical expert and do not conform to the expected male stereotype. However, her experiences also make it clear that women in the tech world often have to prove themselves more and are exposed to a harsher working environment than in typically female-dominated industries.

Elina and Noemi have had similar experiences. They highlight how important it is not to underestimate yourself and to believe in your own abilities. They also advise not taking too long to make decisions and occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone. They also appreciate the range of additional benefits on offer, such as yoga and English courses, which play an important role in motivating employees and promoting a positive working atmosphere. They also mention the great advantage of working in a global environment where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures, interact with people from all over the world and even travel. This aspect adds another layer to her professional life in a technical environment.

Ainhoa, a mother of twins, spotlights the paramount importance of a healthy work-life balance, which is firmly anchored as a core principle at INFICON. From her personal experience, she points out how important it is for employees to be flexible, for example in terms of working hours. These working conditions not only accommodate different lifestyles, but also allow employees to manage their time efficiently, reduce stress and increase their overall wellbeing. She believes that by promoting a harmonious work-life balance, INFICON not only creates a happier and more motivated workforce, but also fosters a culture of productivity and resilience - regardless of gender or orientation.

They all underline that at INFICON, where men and women work equally and an open culture prevails, there is respectful interaction between colleagues. However, they would like to see more women represented in the industry to create a more balanced group dynamic and bring in different perspectives.

*Valeria Poma (Customer Application Engineer), Elina Graf (Physics Laboratory Technician), Ainhoa Pardo (Application Scientist), Noemi Riederer (Product Manager)

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Overcoming Gender Stereotypes

Despite progress in gender equality, there are still challenges to overcome. Advertising with women, positive role models and targeted programs for girls in tech careers can help change the perception of women in tech and inspire more young women to pursue careers in the field.

The tech industry offers many opportunities for women, but to realize their full potential, barriers must continue to be broken down and gender stereotypes overcome. Only then can we ensure that future generations benefit from a balanced and diverse tech industry.

Join us now

If you're inspired to be part of this movement, consider joining us at INFICON. Explore the exciting opportunities available on our career page and become part of a community dedicated to breaking down barriers in the tech industry. Let's work together to shape a future where gender equality thrives and diverse perspectives drive innovation. Check out our career page to learn more about how you can contribute to our mission.

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