Sensistor® Sentrac® Hydrogen Leak Detector, Panel Model

Elevating Leak Detection through Intelligent Panel Mounting

Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector Panel Model

Panel-mounted leak detectors offer a compact and efficient solution for system integration. These devices are typically placed on control panels, providing real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities.

In the field of advanced leak detection technology, Sentrac® Hydrogen Leak Detector, Panel Model, stands out as a cost-effective solution to industrial leak detection systems. Based on the highly selective and sensitive Sensistor sensor technology, the instrument uses forming gas, a standard hydrogen mix (5% hydrogen in nitrogen), to find leaks. The unit detects a large variety of leaks, from small to large, providing system integrators with a modern, easy-of-use and cost-effective solution for integration in state-of-the-art leak detection systems.

Key features

  • Modern Communication: Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector, Panel Model, incorporates features to enhance communication capabilities. The device is equipped with a Fieldbus Interface for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP, providing a robust and standardized communication protocol. This interface not only facilitates efficient communication between systems, but also ensures compatibility with modern industry standards.
    The integration of USB-C allows for recipe backup, and also for data storage and PC connection. Furthermore, the plug-and-play functionality for accessories makes it easier for the user to connect various accessories with minimal effort. Probe cable connectors are on both front and rear of the detector, for adaptability to different environments.
  • User-Friendliness: Acknowledging the importance of user-friendly integration, this panel-mounted leak detector is engineered with users in mind. Its intuitive setup facilitates a smooth integration process, minimizing troubles and downtime during installation. Easy communication with master control system, thanks to modern field buses, facilitates for the user and offers full control of test processes.
  • Customizable Parameters: Suitable for a variety of markets and applications, this Sentrac model offers a range of customizable parameters. Users can set customized leak thresholds, adjust alarm settings, and configure communication protocols to align with the specific requirements. This will ensure optimized instrument performance and leak test efficiency.
  • Automation Capabilities: The optimized accessory integration enhances leak testing efficiency. Used together with the AP29ECO Sampling Probe or the R60 Robot Probe, the Sentrac Panel Model allows users to automate leak testing and benefit from the precision of robotic automation.
  • Robust Design: Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector, Panel Model, features a compact, robust design, specifically crafted for effortless panel mounting and is suitable for the most demanding industrial environments.
  • Advanced Sensing Technology: At the heart of the Sentrac leak detector is the Sensistor® hydrogen sensor technology. The built-in hydrogen sensor offers high sensitivity, selectivity and fast recovery time, ensuring that very small leaks are identified promptly, even after a big leak.
Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector panel model front
Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector panel model front

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