New IRwin software enhances operational efficiency

Discover How the Latest IRwin Update Enhances Leak Survey

IRwin Universal plus

Introducing Universal+ Mode

A new software update (SW version 4.06) for the IRwin Methane Leak Detector includes the release of the new Universal+ operating mode, which allows measurements of ppm, %LEL, and Vol% all within a single operating mode. The new mode, which is available in all IRwin models, has been adapted to meet the requirements of the British grid gas operational procedures EM72, for dealing with gas leak emergencies. However, the new Universal+ mode should not be used for safety clearance such as first entry and securing a house. In these scenarios, users should select the Ex or ExTox modes to ensure safety. Once this is done, Universal+ is the preferred choice for indoor low ppm leak detection and pinpointing.

IRwin w Universal+ mode
IRwin w Universal+ mode

Improved GPS Settings

In addition, the GPS functionality has been enhanced with the new SEM (Surface Emission Monitoring) walk GPS setting that provides a more dynamic response when walking on open areas, for instance a landfill. Users can now switch between three available GPS settings directly on the instrument, providing greater flexibility for position tracking.

Usability across mobile devices

Other improvements include start-up time, accuracy and stability for oxygen measurement specifically for the IRwin SXT and SXGT models. Users can expect more reliable and accurate readings, increasing overall operational safety.

Finally, the instrument is now compatible with the latest supporting software for both iOS and Android platforms. This adaptation ensures improved usability across mobile devices. NOTE! IRwin instruments delivered from end of 2023 will have an update BT chip that supports both iOS and Android platforms. Older instruments will only support Android platforms. 

Key software upgrades and features:

  • Introduction of Universal+ Mode
  • Adaptation to the UK EM72 operating procedure
  • New GPS (SEM Walk) mode
  • Improved oxygen measurement for SXT and SXGT models
  • New supporting software for iOS and Android

These upgrades and new features are designed to enhance the functionality, accuracy, and usability of the IRwin leak detector, ensuring it remains a trusted tool for professionals in the field.

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