Expert Meeting at CERN

INFICON and CERN Explore Collaboration

CERN Visit - Accelerating Science

In late September 2023, INFICON experts from various locations (Liechtenstein, France, Germany and Syracuse) gathered to meet with CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, Switzerland, that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. This meeting with CERN's Vacuum Division served as a platform for both organizations to discuss potential areas of collaboration.  

Understanding CERN's Future Plans

The inaugural day of the meeting was marked by a presentation by Paolo Chiggiato, Group Leader for Vacuum, Surfaces, and Coatings at CERN. Chiggiato shared insights into CERN's forthcoming technical requirements and strategic plans. This presentation laid the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of CERN's research objectives.

Following the presentation, attendees were offered a tour of CERN's primary research stations. This firsthand exposure allowed the INFICON team to witness the advanced technologies and machinery that are instrumental in particle physics research. A noteworthy aspect of the tour was the visit to a decommissioned particle accelerator turned museum, offering a historical perspective on the evolution of particle physics research.

INFICON Instruments

The second day of the meeting focused on the precision instruments of INFICON, which has attracted considerable interest due to its role in supporting the research and academia sectors. These instruments include vacuum gauges and components, mass spectrometers, and leak detectors. In particular, xParts ALD coating, known for its potential to provide high-precision and long-lasting coatings, received a lot of attention.

CERN Visit - Presentation of Instruments
CERN Visit - Presentation of Instruments

"Show and tell" sessions demonstrated the real-time performance of selected instruments like the INFICON Augent® Optical Plasma Gauge. The more than 50 attendees had the opportunity to see firsthand the capabilities of the instruments of INFICON and illustrate their potential contribution to CERN's research goals.

CERN Visit - Show and Tell Session
CERN Visit - Show and Tell Session

Bridging the gap

The goal of the meeting at CERN was to establish a closer connection between cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge research. The collaboration between INFICON and CERN offers the prospect of mutual growth and development. The precision instruments of the high-tech company can improve the accuracy and efficiency of experiments conducted at CERN, while CERN's ambitious research goals can spur further advances in the technology of INFICON.

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