Efficient Leak Survey Documentation with IRwin

Spend your time on more important things than manually documenting your survey work

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An important but time-consuming part of leak surveying is the documentation of the survey performed, the location of leaks found, the size of the leak etc. The methods for doing this differ from country to country and company to company. They range from paper maps with hand-written findings to fully GIS integrated systems with digitalized maps and data directly streamed into the user’s documentation system.

The IRwin® methane leak detector has been developed to work over the complete range of methods. This gives the user the flexibility to decide to what extent the instrument should be integrated into their procedures and to what level it can improve the documentation process.

inficon_IRwin_12juni_2276 Low Res
inficon_IRwin_12juni_2276 Low Res

Logfile function

A standard feature of all IRwin models is the logfile function. This is something that can be configured by the operator to be started at any time, or to be started automatically each time the instrument is turned on. The logfile will document the work in a structured way, including information like serial number, model, latest calibration, time and date, readings on screen, operation mode, GPS coordinates etc. Specific procedures offered by the instrument, such as Function tests (bump tests) for gas response and gas analysis using gas chromatography (GC), can also be saved. These reports will include data like serial number, time and date, pass or fail test results, GPS coordinates for the test etc.

The frequency of the logfile is of course something that can be configured according to local regulations and/or procedures. The large memory capacity of the unit will provide weeks of logged data even with the default value of one datapoint per second. This will give the user the flexibility and freedom to choose when to download the data.  

One of the main reasons for providing a large memory capacity is the fact that access to a PC in the field may be limited. But large amounts of unsaved data logs would also create a risk of data loss. 

IRwin logfile function
IRwin logfile function
Documenting the survey work thanks to the logfile function

IRwin Check-In

The solution from INFICON is the IRwin Check-In App for Android and IOS phones, which allows the log files and function test reports to be downloaded to the phone via Bluetooth and emailed to the office. This gives the user full flexibility on how and when the data is downloaded and saved.

IRwin Check-in also offers other useful functions like the real-time readings on the phone, alarms to Bluetooth earphones and basic control of the IRwin measuring display. The built-in Bluetooth chip in IRwin offers exceptional data transfer capabilities with a transmission range of up to a 100 meters. The range is useful in cases when operators are working in pairs, where one is doing the leak survey and the other is operating a digitalized GIS system, where leak records are continuously entered for all parts of the gas grid like valves, meter sets etc.

IRwin App map1
IRwin App map1
Real-time readings on the phone and alarms to earphones with IRwin Check-In App

IRwin Viewer

The post-processing of logfile information and the function test report is easily made on a PC with help of the IRwin Viewer application developed by INFICON. The app offers a wide range of functions for downloading, viewing and analyzing the data from the field. All logfiles and reports are downloaded via the app into accessible formats like Excel and pdfs. The data can be viewed as a classical table with time, date and measured values, or in a more user-friendly way as a map with the breadcrumb trails or the survey path and leaks pinned out in different colors depending on the leak size. Smaller leaks or leaks under a certain threshold can be easily filtered out to highlight the most urgent areas to repair.

Function test and GC reports are downloaded as pdfs with the results presented as a graph and the pass or fail result clearly indicated in text and symbols. The position of the test will also be shown as a pinned location on a map along with the address.

IRwin GC Analysis
IRwin GC Analysis
GC reports are downloaded as pdf files
Efficient documentation saves time and money and allows organizations to spend more time on more crucial tasks such as repairs and risk mitigation.
Henrik Vennerberg
Henrik Vennerberg
Energy Market Manager, Leak Detection Tools

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