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Sitting comfortably on his couch, Henry was watching TV while savoring a bowl of crispy chips. As he took each crunchy bite, his mind wandered to his job at a renowned snack company. He works in the quality assurance department, specifically overseeing the leak detection process that ensures the freshness of their chips.

The aroma of the freshly cooked chips wafted through the air, as the TV played in the background, allowing his thoughts to drift off again towards his work. It is an area of the production line that fascinates him, as it directly impacts the quality and taste of the snacks enjoyed by many of his customers.


Henry's company has invested heavily in state-of-the-art leak testing equipment to ensure the integrity of their products.  The leak detection process isn’t easy, as it is simply impossible to detect small leaks with the naked eye, and it should guarantee that chips packaging are perfectly sealed to preserve freshness and prevent any leaks that could compromise the product's taste and texture.

As Henry took another bite of his crispy chips, he thought further about the system in place to detect any potential leaks. The process begins with a sophisticated and user-friendly INFICON Contura® S400 that uses sensors to identify even the tiniest imperfections in the packaging which might be caused by surface pores and micro-cracks occurring during thermoforming, or due to overstretching. Leaks might also appear due to the packaging expanding or to product residuals in the welded seals. The machine inspects each pouch for leaks, only requiring the tester to place the product between two unique membranes that create a conformal vacuum chamber. The test process starts automatically as soon as the cover is closed. 

Contura S400 von links MIT Zusatzlogo
Contura S400 von links MIT Zusatzlogo

The device displays precise leak rates, providing both visual and audio signals to indicate results, ensuring reliable testing even in noisy production environments.

If a leak is detected, the faulty package is promptly removed from the production line. The chips inside are then discarded, preventing any compromised product from reaching the shelves. This attention to detail is crucial in maintaining the high standards the company prides itself on.

Contura Display
Contura Display

Henry admires the commitment of his company to quality assurance. The company understands that a single compromised bag could tarnish their reputation and erode customer trust. The leak detection process with Contura®  S400 is the most important component in their large quality control system that guarantees only the finest chips make it into the consumers’ hands.

As Henry finished off the last few chips in his bowl, he marveled at the complex journey each snack package went through before reaching him. From the careful selection of ingredients to the meticulous cooking process, and finally, the stringent quality checks, Henry and his company took every step possible to provide the freshest, tastiest product possible.

Inspired by his thoughts, Henry picked up the TV remote and muted the sound, allowing him to fully immerse himself in the contemplation of his work. He couldn't help but feel a sense of pride as he reflected on the importance of his role, and Contura®  S400, in delivering the ultimate snacking experience to people worldwide.

With a renewed appreciation for his job and the dedication of his company, Henry leaned back on his couch, content with his evening of TV, chips, and the knowledge that he played a vital part in ensuring the freshness and quality of the snacks enjoyed by so many.

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