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A challenge for manufacturers

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The food packaging industry is on the move. An imminent new EU regulation called Single-Use Plastics Directive seeks to address waste reduction and encourage the adoption of sustainable packaging materials. By 2030, this regulation will prohibit certain single-use plastic products and mandate that all packaging in the EU market be recyclable or reusable. This creates a significant challenge and opportunity for the industry to foster innovation and invest in new technologies and materials.

Transition to Sustainable Materials

As the industry moves towards more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options, traditional leak detection methods such as the water bath "Bubble Test" are becoming less practical. Particularly, paper-based and biodegradable packaging materials cannot be effectively tested using water-based methods. With the Contura® S-Series, INFICON offers the food manufacturers the perfect alternative to conventional leak test methods.

Contura S400 von rechts OHNE Zusatzlogo -transparent-
Contura S400 von rechts OHNE Zusatzlogo -transparent-

Introducing Contura® S400

Contura S400 is a non-destructive leak detection device that uses a vacuum-based approach to identify leaks in packaging. Renowned for its high sensitivity, this device can detect even the tiniest leaks in degradable, sensitive or delicate packaging materials. By utilizing the Contura S400, food manufacturers can ensure the integrity of their products without compromising the sustainability of their packaging choices.

Efficiency and Accuracy

One of the key advantages of Contura S400 is its ability to provide an efficient and accurate testing method, minimizing the need for costly and time-consuming rework. Test results are stored for quality evaluation purposes, and the device's large display enables users to make prompt decisions about product suitability, enabling seamless production through the use of a dedicated chart.

The Future of Leak Detection

As the food packaging industry increasingly shifts towards sustainable materials, the Contura S400 from INFICON emerges as an excellent alternative to traditional leak detection methods. By offering reliable and non-destructive leak detection capabilities, this device will play a vital role in ensuring the integrity of packaging materials while supporting the industry's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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