Baked Goods Industry: How to Enhance Customers’ Experience through Airtight Packaging

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Packaging plays a crucial role in food production, protecting and preserving products for extended periods. However, failure to achieve airtight packaging can lead to spoilage and customer complaints, prompting manufacturers to seek effective solutions for leak detection and prevention. In the case of a baked goods producer, the discovery of excessive oxygen in their products packaged under protective gas prompted an in-depth examination of their packaging processes to identify and address the root cause of the leaks.

Thorough Examination for Leak Identification

To pinpoint the cause of the leaks, manufacturers seek to evaluate various parameters such as foil quality, worn parts on the packaging machine, product residues in the weld, and machine settings like pressure, temperature, and weld seam overlap. Aiming to facilitate this comprehensive examination, manufacturers opt to utilize the Contura® S400, a modern pressure increase tester with a flexible chamber.

Efficient Fault Detection and Adjustment

Contura S400 enables manufacturers to obtain precise measurements of the leak rate after each adjustment, quickly and reproducibly. By utilizing the exclusion principle, the operator can swiftly identify the source of the leak by detecting the incoming leak rate and take corrective action accordingly. For instance, testing a new foil or replacing worn welding jaws allows the users to gauge the impact on the leak rate, empowering them to make immediate adjustments and evaluate the effectiveness of each change.

Contura S400 von links MIT Zusatzlogo
Contura S400 von links MIT Zusatzlogo

Preventing Spoilage and Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

By leveraging the capabilities of Contura S400, the manufacturer can efficiently identify the cause of the leaks and implement necessary adjustments to prevent further spoilage of their baked goods. This proactive approach not only results in cost savings, but also ensures customer satisfaction by delivering fresh, high-quality products that meet consumer expectations.


Delivering Quality and Freshness

Ensuring leak-proof packaging is vital for food producers to prevent spoilage and customer complaints. Modern pressure increase testers like Contura S400 provide an efficient and effective means of detecting leaks and identifying their root causes. By leveraging such advanced technology, manufacturers can quickly and accurately address packaging issues, make necessary adjustments, and maintain the high-quality standards that drive customer satisfaction in the baked goods industry.

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