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E-Mobility: Leak Testing for Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles


Our e-book sheds light on the new testing tasks in automotive production resulting from the growing importance of alternative drive technologies. For example, the leak-tightness of the traction batteries of BEV and PHEV electric vehicles must be ensured to prevent the ingress of water or humidity. The production of fuel cells and hydrogen tanks for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) also poses its own new leak tightness requirements.

This 53-page e-book discusses against which limiting leakage rates the various components in the manufacturing process should be tested, and it explains which methods are suitable for this purpose. Components covered include:

  • Battery cells, battery packs and battery cases
  • Cooling components
  • Hydrogen fuel cells and bipolar plates
  • Hydrogen tanks and lines
  • Electric drive motors, control modules and sensors

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