Our services include recertification, factory calibration, and calibration to national standards.

We offer recertification and calibration for the following product groups.

Product groupsTypes of recertification and calibrations
Test leaks
  • Calibration of gauges and test leaks to national standards/ DAkkS 
  • Recertification
  • Calibration to national standards/ DAkkS 
  • Gauge calibration at factory

Calibration of gauges and test leaks to national standards/DAkkS

Calibrations according to a certified reference standard (e.g. by DAkkS) are pursued in controlled environments in respect to humidity, temperature and pressure. INFICON organizes the calibration on customers’ behalf using external institutes.

Recertification of test leaks

Test leaks are measured against a reference leak which was calibrated to a national standard such as the DAkkS. When within range, we re-certify.

Gauge calibration at factory

INFICON offers internal factory calibration services for vacuum gauges / controllers. All inspection documents are in compliance with the European Standard EN 10204.

A new calibrated gauge controls a high quality standard over time to ensure a stable production process. For more information see our document “Calibration Service for Vacuum Gauges”.

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